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This is another episode of our personal finance interviews. Today, we are talking with Katy, from, who focuses on money making and saving tips. In particular, she shares ways to make money online without having to complete 10p surveys. She also writes about products, frugal recipes and parenting.

Hi Katy, thanks for joining us today. Can you first tell us what motivated you to start blogging and helping other people?

I quit my job in 2013 and I was looking for a way to make more money from home. I wanted to be able to make at least a few hundred pounds a month. From there I realised that there were a whole host of ways to make money online. People started to contact me via forums, to ask me how I was making money. This inspired me to start my own blog to try and help other people make money.

What’s you biggest source of online revenue? How did you find it?

At present it would be a toss up between sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. I love it as I can personalise the posts, talk about products that I use and be myself. My website is very much centered around myself, my family and our life together. I love that I can make great money just being who I am.

What’s the biggest financial mistake you have ever made?

Lending money out to people who don’t want to repay it. I’ve lent out big sums of money in the past and had my fingers burned. This is something I never seem to learn with either. I’m a kind person and while I’m on the way up financially I want to take those that I love with me. I’ve had to learn to cut back, be stricter and share my money less.

Do you have a favourite lifestyle hack you have used to save more money?

It would have to be using shopping apps like Shopmium. I love that I can get some reimbursements just for purchasing groceries. Also, I like to meal plan around the free items and by meal planning, and using my slow cooker I can save lots of money.

What personal finance tools do you currently use to track and manage your money?

I have a simple spreadsheet with a few tabs. I track my incomings and outgoings. Also, my earnings, expenses and balances that I hold on any websites where I make money online.

As a mum, do you have any specific idea on how you’ll teach your child financial skills?

I am going to allow my daughter access to some of her savings from a young age. I will let her choose to invest some, choose to spend some and encourage her to be sensible and save more for her future. Also, I want my daughter to learn the value of money, and not just be handed everything on a plate just because we are fortunate in a financial sense.

How often do you check your finances?

Daily. I tend to alternate between different areas each day. One day I may look at my balances on websites online, another day I will look at my Paypal or bank accounts to check my money.

What’s your bank?

I have several accounts with UK high street banks. I have recently closed my account with HSBC due to poor service. Perhaps I’ll move over to Nationwide soon, as they have a new branch opening up near my home. I don’t hold much loyalty to any bank and will move around for higher interest, new customer incentives or anything else that can make me more money.

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