Emma can save you up to £600 every year.

She helps you in avoiding overdrafts, finding wasteful subscriptions and giving the control you need over your finances.

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Avoid Overdrafts

About 10 million people in U.K. are not aware they are being charged excessive overdraft fees by their bank. Are you one of these? Emma will help you monitor them, saving you over £100 a year.

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Take Control

Are you getting charged for something you never asked? Emma will let you know when someone is taking money out of your account. Our average user saves over £272 per year by cancelling wasteful subscriptions.

Pay Off Your Debt

Average British household has £13,000 of consumer debt. Emma knows how much you owe and can keep you on track with every installment. Let’s keep your Credit Score in a good shape.

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Start Saving

We think saving should be easy, straightforward and clear. Just a simple click at the end of the month and Emma will save what you can afford for you. Money management has never been so easy!

World Class Security

The protection of your data is our highest priority.

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Bank Grade Encryption

Emma uses several state-of-the-art security measures, including the same end-to-end 256-bit TLS encryption used by all major banks.

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FCA Approved

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and adhere to European data protection laws.

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Read Only Access

We only have access to your data in read-only mode. Nobody can touch your money.

Emma can save you up to £600 every year.
Let’s start managing our money, all in one place, for free.