Personal finance interview with Chloe Pierre

Everything we do aims to inject fun into finance because, why does talking about money need to be stressful?! 

Emma is here to empower you to take control of your finances so that you can enjoy new experiences and improve your overall quality of life. 

We welcome everyone into our community, so whether you have full time/part time or freelance work, Emma was built to work around you and your finances. We want to share the stories and unique experiences of our community with you to show you that finance can be fun and saving doesn’t have to be a slog! 

What better way to start off than with mega babe Chloe Pierre, Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of Thy.self. We interviewed Chloe to find out how she manages her finances and how she balances her career with self-care.

What is Thy.self?

Thy.self is an international community of women, focused on re-discovering and bringing a new meaning to self-care and self-love, making wellness accessible whilst tackling challenging issues, through our Thy.self activities and outreach programmes. What we are essentially offering, is a safe space for women ages 16-65 yrs+, to discuss self-care and self-love, connect with other like-minded women and to empower themselves in the hopes of making a more positive future for our societies.

As a freelancer, how do you currently manage your finances? 

I plan my finances in advance, making sure I know what’s coming and going out. I am always aware of what’s in my savings and try not to draw money too quickly when times get tough. I set a weekly budget and I like to keep my personal and business funds separate, which helps a lot.

How do you think money effects wellness?

I know money can have serious effects on your mental health and it’s statistically proven to be one of the top issues in failing relationships as well as depression and suicide. It’s understandably worrying when you are low on money and you have big responsibilities and little resources to turn too.

How do you balance your career and self-care? 

This is a working progress for me. I have a schedule, but I often pack in a lot in a day/week. Having weekends to myself or planning self-care days and hours is something I’m testing.

Do you have any tips on how to save money? 

I try to save a lump sum every pay cheque I receive but if that’s not feasible, I’d advise people to make an annual savings plan. Keep this realistic, factor in negative situations, which can arise and then set a monthly or weekly saving pot. If you have less discipline, set up a direct debit and save via an account you have limited access too.

Where do you spend money and where do you save it? 

I spend on travel, networking meetings and my everyday bills but I save on being low maintenance in the beauty department. Having an influencer background means I get some freebies now and then which help a lot, including things like clothes, meals and beauty treatments/products.

What are you currently saving for? 

I’m saving for the Thy.self business, life, a holiday to Bali in December and my dream home but that may take a while!

If you were given £1,000,000 what would you do with it? 

I’d buy a new home for me and my grandma to live together, window shopping in Chanel and put the rest into the business.

Who is your BFF? 

My grandma – she’s my everything


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