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Top 5 Personal Finance Apps in the US

There are so many personal finance apps out there. Such that picking out the best budgeting app to use becomes a difficult decision to make. The thing is, different apps are perfect for different personal finance purposes, although some apps perform multiple functions perfectly. In this post, you’ll find five of the top personal finance apps for your budget management needs.

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Emma – Best Budgeting & Personal Finance App

Our finance management app is added to this list, not because we’re trying to be biased in any way, but because we’re confident in its performance and efficiency. If you don’t trust us, download the 5 apps in this list and see for yourself!

Emma is your best financial friend. This budgeting app helps you track your cash across multiple bank accounts and discover ways that you can save money in the process. You can also link savings accounts, pensions and investments to get the full picture of your finances. Emma can also help you avoid overdrafts by identifying and fishing out wasteful subscriptions.

You can analyse your expenses by categories and set monthly budgets. Emma will let you know if you’re on track to achieve your goals or whether you’re spending too fast. The app also uses machine learning to subtract committed spend from your balance (bills, debt repayments, subscriptions…), giving you unprecedented visibility on your ‘available’ balance.

Our mobile personal finance app also offers amazing additional features, including bill due date notifications, daily balances and payday reminders. Emma is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

mint finance

Mint – Best App for Money Management

The Mint money management app from Intuit Inc. has been in the market for a long time now. It is a personal finance app that is known to offer several finance management options all in one place. The mobile finance management app keeps track of your bills and expenses. It also creates a budget plan for you and helps you stick to it. By simply linking your credit and debit cards to your Mint account, the app captures all your transactions, highlights how you’re spending cash, and tracks your investments.

Mint also shows your credit score in real-time, notifies you of bills that are due, and how much you can afford to pay based on your available funds. The budgeting app also offers financial advice so you can control your spending. You can use the app on a mobile device or access your account on a PC.

ynab you need a budget

You Need A Budget (YNAB) – Best Budgeting App for Debt

If your financial struggle is that of living paycheck to paycheck, with a pile of debt that you need to pay off, you’ll find the YNAB personal finance app extremely helpful. The functionality of the app is founded one core fact: every dollar has a role to play in your financial plans.

Whatever financial plans you might have, You Need a Budget helps you live within your income and gain total control of your spending. It has a built-in “accountability partner” that not only helps you walk with your budget but also help you stay on track always. Even when you’re pressured to drift off, YNAB will help you re-strategize your plan to balance your budget again, with a detailed report of your progress along the line.

There is also a live online help desk feature incase you need help on budgeting basics. On average, the app saves users as much as $600 in about 60 days. You can enjoy the app free for the first 34 days.


Acorns – Best App for Easy Saving

If you are concerned about your savings habit and need a budgeting tool that can automate your savings, then this app is for you. The app doesn’t just save your cash, it also invests it for you automatically. Here’s how the Acorns app works;

First, Acorns is linked to your checking and credit card. Whenever you purchase an item using your credit card, the app rounds up the purchase amount and invests the additional amount automatically for you. Isn’t that cool?

When you are creating your Acorns account, the app will recommend Exchange-Traded Funds investment portfolios for you to choose based on your risk preference. So, if you make a purchase of say $5.35, the app rounds it up to $6 and puts away the extra 65 cents in your selected investment account. Imagine how much must of your pocket change would’ve been invested within a space of one year. The beauty of it all is that the system is automated.

Wally – Best Budgeting App for Tracking Expenses

If your financial goal is to track and organize your expenses, then the Wally app is perfect for you. Wally is one of the top personal finance apps that offers a simple and free, digitalized way to file your expense report. No manual input of your expenses.

With Wally, all you have to do is take a snapshot of your receipt, and the app will log the information for you, including your geo-location at the time you took the photo. Convenient, right?

The Wally personal budgeting app is simple and easy to use. No much typing is required. Its features also eliminate the risk of errors when inputting figures.

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