Improve Your Finances

How To Improve Your Finances In Under An Hour

Many people assume that improving your financial position will take years. With the Emma app, we help you improve your finances in less than an hour. How’s that for good news! So, block out some time in your diary, and complete these three tasks – your future self will thank you!  

Task #1 – Set New Budgets 

Coronavirus has forced people to re-evaluate how they spend their money. For some, cash once spent on hefty commuting fares and in pubs, is now working its way into savings accounts. But for others, cost-cutting is essential while they navigate a new world of redundancies and reduced pay.

Whatever your current situation, it’s worth putting some time aside to review your budget. Focus on what’s most important to you and make sure that’s where you’re directing your money. 

In the Emma app, it doesn’t matter if you bank with one or four providers. We’ll combine all your details so you’ll only ever have to manage one budget. In the analytics tab, decide how much money you’re willing to spend on each category, and update your new budget within minutes.

Throughout the month we’ll help you stick to these new targets, by giving valuable insights into how much you’ve spent on shopping, groceries, takeaways… you name it.  

If you’re struggling to stick to your new food budget, this article may help. Monthly Grocery Budget: How Much Should You Spend?  

Task #2 – Review Your Subscriptions 

Subscriptions are a cost-effective way of paying for a service. The only problem? Companies have made it so easy, many people end up paying for services they no longer use. Reviewing whether you still want, need, or can afford these payments is a great way to reduce unnecessary spending.  

At Emma, we like to make your life easier. We display your subscriptions in one place, helping you spot any unwanted payments. We’ll even let you know if your latest subscriptions cost more than last month – a handy reminder that you may need to contact your supplier.  

Task #3 – Reduce Your Monthly Bills 

Paying bills is arguably one of the worst things about being an adult. It’s especially awful when you realise companies don’t often reward loyalty, only offering the best rates to new customers.

At Emma, we’ve partnered with MoneySuperMarket to make switching to a cheaper plan a complete doddle. We’ve helped our customers save up to £500! Open the Save Money tab on the Emma app, and we’ll help you switch in no time.

If you’ve caught the money-saving bug, we can also help compare prices for home, car, and travel insurance policies. Useful, right!? 

So, if there’s one thing you do this week, download the Emma app and start taking control of your finances. In under an hour you’ll improve your finances, and be on your way to reaching new financial goals.  

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on with these tasks. Let us know through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in the comments below! 

Rebekah May

I'm Bekki and I'm the Junior Marketing Manager at Emma. I'm a foodie-loving Londoner who likes nothing more than helping people with their finances!