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10 Personal Finance Books We’re Loving Right Now

If you need a little help managing your money, then check out these personal finance books.

They’ll teach you all there is to know about money management, budgeting, investing, pensions, tax, and more!

1. You’re Not Broke You’re Pre-Rich

Financial Times described this book as a “wise investment” and we couldn’t agree more. This book shows you how to streamline your finances. Stay in control of your bank balance. AND, ultimately have more money! 

If you’re looking for a personal finance book that helps you redefine your relationship with money, in a non-patronising way, then this is it. 

You're not broke you're pre rich emilie bellet

2. Money: A User’s Guide

The perfect starting place for getting to grips with your finances. This book helps you break down some complex financial ideas, like investing, and mortgages. The author removes any difficult to understand jargon, making you feel like you’re having a chat with a v. friendly financial advisor. 

This book will definitely leave you feeling more clued up about your money!

money a users guide laura whateley

3. Open Up: The Power Of Talking About Money

This book examines why we all hate talking about money so darn much. It discusses the role money has in our relationships. It looks at the role it plays in shaping our ambitions. And it even looks at how it can impact our mental health.

The author gives a fascinating insight into how people spend their money, and the varied ways money makes them feel. 

If you feel uncomfortable talking about money, but know you need to improve your relationship – this is the book for you! We know it’s definitely one of our favourite personal finance books!

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4. Broke Millennial

Ever wondered what population of people live paycheck to paycheck? It’s probably more than you think. In this book the author urges you to stop getting “freaked out by money”, and instead take control! 

With 18 different chapters, aimed at different financial situations, this book will appeal to everyone. One to keep and re-read as you go through life! 

broke millennial erin lowry

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5. Real Life Money

Real Life Money is described by the author as an “honest guide to taking control of your finances”. The author’s down-to-earth personality shines through in this book… and she’s able to discuss difficult money conversations in a light-hearted and approachable manner. 

If you’re currently struggling with managing money, debt, or even overspending due to the world of social media, you’ll love this book. 

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If you want more money-saving tips from Clare, find her on Instagram.

6. Go Fund Yourself 

This book teaches you how to be “good with money” and really, that’s what we all want, right? 

This book is full of practical activities, and helpful advice. And will help anyone looking to improve their financial situation. 

If you often think that you’d like to get your money under control or improve how you managed your finances each month then you’ll love this book. 

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7. Rich Dad Poor Dad

A super interesting story that tells the tale of a boy growing up with two very different money role models. The book uncovers some important money myths – including the idea that it’s not your salary that makes you rich. There are lots of financial theories in the book – made easy to understand by the helpful diagrams. 

If you want to really think about your finances, and uncover why you have this relationship with money, then give this book a go. 

rich dad poor dad personal finance books

8. The Simple Path To Wealth

The Simple Path To Wealth is a powerful personal finance book that explores some of the most important aspects of personal finance. Some of the topics it covers are debt, the importance of a backup fund, as well as a deep dive into investing.

If you need a book that shows you an optimistic view of building wealth, then add this to your reading list. 

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9. Bad with money

The author nails it on the head with her title “the imperfect art of getting your financial shit together”. Because well, no one is immediately great with money. The author delves into why we’re all so bad at talking about money, linking this directly to our inability to properly understand our finances.

The book is less about helping you increase your wealth and more about personal money lessons. The author is also a comedian, so if you’re after a light take on money then this is your book. 

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10. Money Lessons 

How do we take control of our finances? This is just one of the big questions answered in Money Lessons. After reading this personal finance book you’ll have all the secrets to achieving better financial wellbeing. There’s tonnes of space to log your financial process and thoughts, as well as handy places for you to measure your progress.

If you want to get serious about your money, this could be the right book for you. 

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These are just 10 of our favourite personal finance books. If you know of any more then let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or on our community thread here!