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Personal Finance Interview With Merry Musing

One of the things we love most at Emma is hearing how YOU manage your money. 

That’s why we caught up with Steph; a lifestyle blogger from Hertfordshire, to ask her how she tackles the often complicated world of personal finance. 

You have a really beautiful blog. Can you tell us what inspired you to start?

Thank you! I started Merry Musing almost eight years ago as a way to bring together my two passions for writing and photography.

What initially started as a beauty blog has evolved and changed over the years, into a lifestyle blog that now focuses on blogging and digital marketing tips, ways to make your money work for you, and some lifestyle content thrown in for good measure.

You have a section on your blog about personal finance. Is managing your money something you prioritise?

Absolutely. I spent quite a lot of my twenties in debt. £20,000 in debt to be precise. And not having control on my finances really affected my wellbeing and mental health. I realised I couldn’t continue living that way and made taking control of my debt and clearing it a huge focus and priority of mine. I’m now a single homeowner and I still make managing my money a priority as I don’t want to slip into debt again. Plus living on a single wage means I need to make smart money choices.

What do you think is the biggest challenge when it comes to managing your money?

Having been in debt before, I know how quick and easy it can be to get into debt again. So, for me, a big challenge is keeping track of where I’m spending money and how much money I’m spending. That’s why I love budgeting apps like Emma! 

Do you have any big financial goals that you’re looking to hit this year?

I don’t have any big financial goals to hit this year. But I do have a couple of smaller goals. Every year I save up to treat myself to a new designer bag as a joint birthday/Christmas present to myself. Bags are a weakness of mine and with five days between my birthday and Christmas, I like treating myself to something quite big that I’ve had to save for.

What’s your favourite feature about Emma?

I really like the reports feature of Emma. It’s great to have something visual that shows you where your money is going. And where you’ve been spending your money. I also really like the budget feature to be able to monitor how much I’m spending. It really helps me manage my money and work towards my financial goals. The new bag is definitely in sight!

And lastly, Emma is all about making money management fun! If you had to describe your finances using one emoji, what would you pick, and why? 

My emoji would be 🌈 and that’s because I feel positive and happy when I look at my finances and I’m building up a good pot of gold at the moment! 

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