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The Ultimate List Of UK Referral Rewards

At Emma, we love helping you find fun ways to save your hard-earned cash. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite UK refer-a-friend schemes and referral rewards. 

All of these codes have been taken from our wonderful community thread, which we’ve linked to at the bottom of the article. 

In this article we’re going to cover a range of refer-a-friend rewards across travel, cashback, energy, food and banking. We hope you enjoy!

Travel Rewards:

1. Airbnb

Who are they: Airbnb is an online rental marketplace. They offer affordable accommodation in 191 different countries. 

What’s the deal: Earn credit by sending a referral link to your friends. When that friend uses your link, they’ll get credit that can be used toward their first stay. When they’ve completed their stay, you’ll then be rewarded with credit. 

Find out how you can get £34 off your first booking.

UK referral rewards

Cashback Rewards: 

1. Airtime Rewards

Who are they: Airtime Rewards is a company that connects your bank account and offers cashback on anything you spend. The money you earn from cashback can then be used to pay your phone bill. 

What’s the deal: Download the Airtime Rewards app for free and use a referral code to receive your discount. The amount you’ll receive for signing up changes fairly often, but at the time of writing this article both the person referring and the new customer will receive £2. 

2. Quidco

Who are they: Quidco is the UK’s best cashback site, with over 4,500 retailers offering chances to claim money back on your shopping.

What’s the deal: Refer Quidco to your friends and family and once they’ve spent £5 you’ll be rewarded with a cashback bonus.

UK Referral Rewards

Energy Rewards:

1. Bulb

Who are they: Bulb is a green gas and electricity supplier, who are known for their excellent customer service, as well as great value for money plans.

What’s the deal: Switch your gas and electricity to Bulb using a refer-a-friend link and you’ll both get £50.

UK Referral Rewards

Food Rewards:

1. Deliveroo 

Who are they: Deliveroo is a food delivery company based in London. Download the app and you can choose from a large selection of local restaurants and takeaways. 

What’s the deal: Use a referral link and you can get £10 of credit to spend across your next 4 orders.

2. Uber Eats

Who are they: Exactly the same idea as Deliveroo, Uber Eats is another food delivery app. 

What’s the deal: Use a referral code when ordering your Uber Eats and you’ll get £10 off your first UberEats meal of £15 or more! 

refer a friend schemes

Banking Rewards:

1. American Express

Who are they: American Express is a financial service that offers credit cards, charge cards, and travel and insurance products. 

What’s the deal: Sign up to get an AMEX card and get a free £10 once you spend your first £1. 

2. Pi Network

Who are they: Pi Network is a company that deals with mobile-based cryptocurrency. 

What’s the deal: You can get a 5% crypto-mining boost with their refer-a-friend scheme.

3. Pensionbee

Who are they: Pensionbee is a company that combines all of your old pensions into one new online plan. This is ideal if you’ve worked at multiple companies and are struggling to keep track of where all your money is. 

What’s the deal: You and a friend can both get £50 if you use a referral code.

4. Freetrade

Who are they: Freetrade is a UK based financial services company that offers a freemium share dealing service. They aim to get everyone investing by making it as simple, and safe as possible. 

What’s the deal: Refer a friend to Freetrade from the app, and you’ll both get a free share worth between £3 and £200! (Hopefully £200) 

5. Trading 212

Who are they: Trading 212 is a Fintech company that lets anyone trade equities, Forex, and commodities.

What’s the deal: Create a Trading 212 account and once you have successfully activated the account and funded the minimum deposit amount, both you and the person referring will get a free share. Here is the referral link.

6. Emma

Who are they: Emma is a free money management app that helps you budget, track your spending, and save money.

What’s the deal: Invite a friend to join and subscribe to Emma Pro and you’ll get £15 credited to your Emma wallet. You can then withdraw this money through your PayPal account. Find out more about the Emma referral scheme here.

refer a friend schemes


Here’s one big ole’ list of UK referral rewards which we hope will go towards saving you some money.

If there are any referral rewards we’ve missed, let us know on the Emma Community and we’ll update this post with any new links!

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