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Meet the Emma Finance Team – Boldizsar

To shine a light on all the amazing work the Emma finance team does, we’ve put together these employee interviews! Last week we spoke with Edoardo; the CEO of Emma. Next up, is Boldizsar!

Hi Boldizsar! Tell us a bit about who you are, and what you do at Emma.

I’m Boldizsar, 25, from Hungary. I’m a back-end engineer at Emma which means that I’m working on the invisible system that drives Emma.

I joined Emma in December 2018 and since then I’ve been involved in the development of many features. The main ones are Open Banking integration, Rewards, and internal transaction detection.

I sometimes also work on the website if we need any changes, but this is like 1% of my time.

What’s the best thing about working at Emma?

It’s always different and involves lots of challenges. I’m given enough responsibility and am assigned tasks that I need to deliver from zero to 100% by myself.

If you could only use 5 words to describe Emma, what would they be?

Helpful, simple, timesaver, colourful, cool.

Emma Finance Team

What is it about Emma that you think has made it so successful?

Fast execution! When we start looking into new features we develop and release them really quickly. There is no bureaucracy or long processes at Emma – we just get the job done!

Do you have a favourite feature within Emma?

The chart where I can see how much money I have left for the month.

What do you enjoy spending your money on?

I don’t really spend much money because I’m strict about my spending. But the enjoyable things I’m spending money on are going out and ordering food.

If someone gave you £1,000, would you save it, spend it, or invest it?

I’d probably invest it!

If you had to pick one emoji to describe your finances, what would you pick?


Thanks to Boldizsar for chatting with us! If you want to continue getting to know the Emma Finance team, make sure you join the Emma Community. Or, reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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