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Nine Financial Podcasts We Love

Are you looking to improve your financial knowledge? If so, podcasts may be a great way to get some much needed advice, tips and tricks from people in the know. 

Here we’ve listed some of our favourite financial podcasts. Listen to these, and you’ll soon realise that learning about finance isn’t as complicated (or boring) as you might first believe. 

In Her Financial Shoes


In Her Financial Shoes is a brilliant podcast created and presented by Catherine Morgan, a financial coach and planner. 

Recent podcast episodes include a super helpful guide to achieving financial independence, how to avoid burnout in business, and sustainable wealth creation. 

We spoke to Catherine earlier this week and she said: 

“The In Her Financial Shoes podcast is centered around helping women to feel more empowered. We want to help women step into their power and to feel confident about managing the practical aspects of money.  But, we also talk about the emotional aspects of money, because there are lots of emotions connected with money – shame, guilt, judgement, happiness, joy or pleasure.  Ultimately, the podcast is centred around helping women feel better about their relationship with money, whilst learning the small practical steps they can implement to feel empowered and confident with their finances” 

We’re not the only ones that love the podcast. This year alone Prima, The Times, Good Housekeeping, and Reader’s Digest have all quoted the In Her Financial Shoes podcast as a must-listen! 

Link: You can listen to the podcast here.

Pennies To Pounds Pod


Pennies To Pounds is a financial literacy platform aimed at young people who haven’t had proper access to financial education. 

The podcast is hosted by Kae, who covers a wide range of topics from student loans, to pyramid schemes, to pensions. We love the way Kae manages to take big, complex financial ideas and break them down into easily digestible points and actions. So far she’s recorded 30 podcasts, all of which are helping people get truly interested in improving their finances. 

When we asked Kae to describe her podcast she said: 

“Pennies To Pounds podcast is a podcast that aims to empower young people by equipping them with the financial knowledge to build a successful future”

The podcast really helps to shine a light on the importance of understanding your finances, encouraging positivity around money.  If you’re in a negative situation with your money, the podcast also encourages you to speak up and take action. 

Link: You can listen to the Pennies To Pounds podcast here.

She’s On The Money


Molly Benjamin and Lisa Conway-Hughes,  two women with an impressive background in Finance, host the She’s On The Money podcast. The pair interview various guests on their podcast, discussing a wide range of financial topics. Recent episodes have covered saving for a rainy day, how to budget, as well as insightful conversations with some of the Finance world’s most impressive people.  

We love the fun, friendly, and jargon-free conversations had on this podcast, and believe listeners will really learn a thing or two about taking control of their finances! 

When we spoke to them earlier in the week, they said: 

“We break down the world of finance, the things you want to know, feel like you should already know, or the questions you might be too embarrassed to ask! From how does investing work, budgeting, salary negotiation, tax and more!”

If you need to restore a little confidence when it comes to managing your money, then you should definitely tune in for helpful tips and tricks. 

Link: You can listen to the podcast here, available on Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. 

Meaningful Money 


When it comes to financial podcasts, Meaningful Money is simply one of the best. With a huge back catalogue of episodes, spanning across 17 series, there’s a huge amount of helpful advice just waiting for you. 

We spoke to Pete earlier in the week to find out a little more about the podcast. He said:

“MeaningfulMoney is one of the UK’s biggest personal finance podcasts with over 4million downloads across nearly 500 episodes. There’s something for everyone, no matter what stage of your financial journey you find yourself in, from just getting started to retirement and later life. There’s also a thriving Facebook Group with nearly 5000 members asking and answering questions. MeaningfulMoney founder Pete Matthew is a Chartered Financial Planner so he knows his stuff, particularly when it comes to understanding pensions, investments and how to put it all together into a plan for your financial future” 

Pete also has some great guests appear on the podcast, from founders of large tech companies to personal finance authors. But don’t take our word for it, Pete’s got an impressive 4.9 starts on Itunes! 

Link: Listen to each of the Meaningful Money episodes here.

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Conversation Of Money 


Pete; a financial expert with over a decade of experience in banking and wealth management is the host of the brilliant Conversation Of Money. 

Recent episodes cover the dangers of DIY Investing, how to improve your credit score, and tips on improving your financial mindset. 

We asked Pete why he thinks everyone should tune in to the Conversation Of Money podcast. He said: 

“The Conversation of Money Podcast has one purpose. That purpose is to facilitate a meaningful conversation about money and create an environment where you can learn new things that empower you to make the best financial decisions possible.”

We were lucky enough to appear on the Conversation Of Money podcast earlier this week – keep an eye out in the next few days for it to go live! 

Link: Listen to The Conversation of Money podcast here.

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The Wallet


The Wallet is hosted by the fab Emilie Bellet – founder of the Vestpod and bestselling author of You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre Rich

Each week Emilie shares digestible money saving tips, covering topics like investing, getting on the property ladder and repaying debt. Her last episode talks about what it takes to become a millionaire – a must listen. 

Emilie also has some great guests on the podcast. If you need a little help in making better financial decisions, then The Wallet is for you! 

When we spoke to Emilie she said:

“The Wallet is my new money podcast. Each week, I’ll be sharing my best tips, inspiring you to take charge of your financial futures, and talking to an array of awesome guests from all walks of life – employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and money experts. So whether you’re struggling with an overdraft or credit card debt or you’re the Wolf of Wall Street looking for your next big investment, for practical, fun, informal advice, you need to tune into The Wallet!

Link: Make sure you listen to Emilie’s new podcast, available here.

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Money To The Masses


Damien and Andy bring you a personal finance and investing podcast that is light hearted and easy to understand. 

Latest episodes cover topics like retirement, life insurance and how the US election will affect your investments. 

We love the teams entertaining yet informative presenting style, as well as the broad range of interesting financial topics they cover. 

Link: Listen to the podcast here.

Financial Podcasts

Cash Chats


You may be familiar with Andy Webb from his appearances on channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money. Or, you might know him from his website But did you know he also has an amazing podcast? 

His Cash Chats podcast features a range of financial topics, with recent episodes covering credit cards, bank accounts, and side hustles. 

He also invites some of the finance world’s best writers and money bloggers in for a chat, helping a range of listeners improve their financial knowledge and mindset. 

Link: Listen to the podcast here.

Andy Webb

The Mr MoneyJar Show


Okay, so this final one might not be a podcast. But we love it nonetheless. Each week Timi from Mr Money Jar holds an Instagram Live with various guests. He covers everything from money mindsets to tips on picking the right stock. 

A few weeks ago our very own Edoardo was on Instagram Live talking about all things budgeting and Emma! You can watch the live video here: 

We spoke to Timi about the Mr MoneyJar Show.

“The Mr MoneyJar Show is an interactive talk show that runs on Instagram Live every Monday. Because it’s live, viewers get to write in with their money questions during each episode. This makes it much more interactive than your usual talk show! Guests include financial content creators, brands, and your favourite finance apps, including Emma!”

Link: Watch all of the Instagram Lives on the Mr Moneyjar Instagram page here.

Mr MoneyJar Show


That’s it for our list of our favourite financial podcasts. If we’ve missed any out then drop us a message on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or on the Emma Community. 

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