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Meet The Emma Finance Team – Joel

We’re loving that you’re getting to know the Emma team a little better. Next up in our series of employee interviews, we have Joel!

Hey Joel! Can you tell us a bit about who you are, and what you do at Emma?

I’m Joel – originally from New Zealand but have been in the UK for a long time now.

My job is part handling all the chats/emails that come into Emma, part scaling our customer service systems to handle our massive growth, part Help Desk editor-in-chief, part being basically the best person you’ll ever meet 🤓

What’s the best thing about your job?

Having a laugh with users on chat. Oh, and also playing (and winning – obviously) chat GIF wars with users.

I may be biased but I would say we have some of the funniest users, which makes my job 10x easier.

If you could only use 5 words to describe Emma, what would they be?

Fun 🥳, fast-moving, passionate, ambitious, adaptable

What is it about Emma that you think has made it so successful?

Speed. We move quickly and can get a change out sometimes in 5 minutes!

Do you have a favourite feature within Emma? 

Custom categories. I like being able to create categories that makes sense to me.

For example, I’ve created a category for all my ‘one-off’ payments so I can really keep track of these unplanned expenses. Having a specific category then means I can see trends over time and can start planning to put money aside to cover these. Not to mention, who doesn’t like looking at fun emojis when budgeting?

What do you enjoy spending your money on?

Going home for Christmas. One of the few times I’m happy to part with my money.  

If someone gave you £1,000, would you save it, spend it, or invest it?

Spend it – I want that student loan gone 🙅‍♂️

If you had to pick one emoji to describe your finances, what would you pick?


Thanks to Joel for chatting with us! If you want to continue getting to know the Emma Finance team or have any questions for Joel, make sure you join the Emma Community!

Emma is a money management app that connects all your bank accounts to track your monthly spending and subscriptions. It will help you visualise and take control of your finances. Make sure you aren’t overspending. And show you practical steps to start budgeting effectively.

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