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Meet The Emma Finance Team – Bekki

Next up in our series of team interviews we speak to… me!

Tell us a bit about who you are, and what you do at Emma.

Hey! I’m Bekki and I’m the Junior Marketing Manager at Emma.

It’s my job to educate our customers on new features and updates within Emma, whilst also capturing the attention of anyone who hasn’t yet downloaded our app. 

Basically, I’m here to help people understand who we are, what we do, and convince everyone to get involved! 

To do this I create content for all our social media channels. I start conversations with Emma users. I write articles for the Emma blog. And, I work with people in the finance community, who do a great job of spreading awareness for Emma. 

What’s the best thing about your job?

Probably the variety. I can spend the morning creating memes for our Instagram account, thinking up “Would You Rather” questions to ask on Twitter, or putting together our weekly quiz. And then, in the afternoon, I’ll be writing a big guide to investments, or loans, or researching different types of pensions and savings accounts. 

It’s a really great mix between getting into the nitty gritty details of finance, and talking nonsense with our users on Twitter!

If you could only use 5 words to describe Emma, what would they be?

Important. Valuable. Relatable. Witty. Entertaining. 

What is it about Emma that you think has made it so successful?

It’s a great product that appeals to a large audience. 

Someone who has never managed their money before can download the app and start taking control of their finances in minutes – it’s easy to use and the fun and friendly design doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

At the same time, a more experienced person can download the app and get stuck in with some of our more advanced features. Like editing categories and tags, exploring the Save Money tab, reviewing subscriptions, etc.  

Whatever your knowledge, there’s definitely features on Emma that can help you more effectively manage your money. 

Do you have a favourite feature within Emma? 

The budgeting section on the Analytics tab is definitely the feature I use the most. 

I set myself a monthly budget by category, and check the app daily to make sure I’m not spending my money too quickly! Because I have Emma Pro I’m also able to use custom categories to set a really specific budget, which I love. 

I’m also currently loving our new cashback feature – there’s some incredible brands on there! 

What do you enjoy spending your money on? 

Food. I think there’s nothing better than getting together with a group of friends and going for a nice meal somewhere. I’ve saved a fortune not being able to eat out every week during lockdown! 

I talk about food A LOT – as you might be able to tell from another interview I did with Emma a year before I joined 😊

If someone gave you £1,000, would you save it, spend it, or invest it?

I’m looking to buy my first home in the next year so I’d probably whack it straight into my savings. £1,000 doesn’t go far when you’re looking to buy in London, but every little helps, right? 

If you had to pick one emoji to describe your finances, what would you pick? 

I’d probably pick this… ✌️ 

A lot of people find personal finance stressful, but having a good routine and being in control of my money gives me good vibes and brings me peace! 

team interviews

Next week we’ll be chatting to Antonio – co-founder of Emma. If you have any questions for any of the Emma team, make sure to drop us a message on the Emma Community. Or, have a read through all our other team interviews here.

Emma is a money management app that connects all your bank accounts to track your monthly spending and subscriptions. We’ll help you visualise and take control of your finances. Make sure you aren’t overspending and show you practical steps to start budgeting effectively. 

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