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The Top 20 Personal Finance Instagram Accounts In The UK

This week we’re celebrating #TalkMoneyWeek – an annual campaign that has been set up to get the nation talking about money!

Talking about money doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Luckily, there’s a small space on Instagram that’s filled with super knowledgeable people who love talking about money.

Below we hear from our favourite personal finance Instagram accounts in the UK. These personal finance Instagram accounts cover a whole plethora of topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and pensions.

If you like the sound of their personal finance Instagram accounts, then make sure you give them a follow. Their bite-sized tips and fantastic attitude towards managing money will see you levelling up your finances in no time!

personal finance instagram accounts in the UK

1. Thrifty Londoner 

Thrifty Londoner is all about helping people to be more successful with their money- whether that’s making extra money through a side hustle, savings tips, or even investing in the stock market. You can expect to learn the personal finance information that you never learnt at school. As well as actionable tips for improving your money management. I even share some London-specific ideas on how to improve your financial well-being whilst living in the city. 

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2. Fempire Finance

Fempire Finance is a financial education platform, with the aim of breaking down personal finance (no long words or equations, we promise) to educate young women in the issues that affect us all. Through our daily infographics on Instagram and articles on our blog, we bring snippets of financial education, encouragement, and relatable content to empower and inspire women, change their habits and gain the confidence and competence needed for fabulous money management skills. We aim to start the conversation about personal finance. Change money mindsets. And, provide useful personal finance hacks as we go along. You can find us at and on Instagram and Twitter.

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3. The Money Fox 

My mission is to help women learn how to use money as a tool to have a great life! This means budgeting, side hustles, paying off debt, the psychology behind money, and building wealth. You can find me on or on Instagram

spreading financial education on instagram

4. Making Money Simple 

Making Money Simple is a page dedicated to spreading financial education. School doesn’t teach us anything about money so becoming financially educated is important, and this is what I try to promote. From my page, you can expect daily content on all things money – with a focus on investing and building wealth.

Read our interview with Making Money Simple here.

money and careers and mindset on instagram uk

5. The Penny Mix 

The Penny Mix is all about providing simple money tips to young people! But more than financial education, we also chat about career and mindset, two things which have a big impact on our money and financial goals! Insurance and pensions are our absolute faves – I promise we’re not boring! And while these money topics may not be as sexy as investing, they are as important, if not more, and we think it’s time to get young people thinking about protecting themselves financially, both today and in the long-term.

We caught up with The Penny Mix to discuss pensions in a little more detail…

honest conversations about money and personal finance instagram

6. My Frugal Year

The My Frugal Year page started out as a personal mission to improve my relationship with money, and my dire financial situation. But, it’s developed into a community for discussing money in a non-judgemental, emotionally intelligent way. People can expect to learn how to get to the root of their money issues and start to tackle emotional spending. As well as more practical things like saving, paying off debt, and budgeting.

personal finance on instagram

7. Millennial Money 

Millennial Money is a multimedia channel that will source, curate, and disseminate easily digestible content relating to personal finance. Whilst we aim to improve the financial literacy and financial wellness of all millennials in the UK, we aren’t here to sell you the steps to financial security. We want to demystify personal finance. Break down the jargon. And, explain that everyone is qualified to join the conversation about money.

Millennial Money recently wrote a fantastic article about four schemes that can help you buy a house. Make sure you check it out here.

money and finance blogger

8. The Little Spender 

At The Little Spender, you’ll find lots of little ways to save money on everything from bills to burgers. You’ll discover tips that prove you don’t have to sit at home all weekend to hit your savings goals. You’ll learn budgeting methods, where to get tacos for £1 and the best ways to travel for less. If you want to grow your savings AND live the lifestyle you want, then give The Little Spender a follow!

Find out how The Little Spender budgets her money by clicking through to this Emma interview.

personal finance on instagram

9. Get Woke Not Broke 

Hey! I’m Holly, author of Get Woke Not Broke: a blog aimed at helping young people get their s**t together. Get Woke Not Broke is all about teaching you how to… Spend money on the things you love. Save money for the things you want. And, invest money for future you. By day I work in finance and by night (and any other spare time I have 😂) you’ll find me blogging, gramming, and tik-tokking away in an attempt to make money management as accessible as possible!

saving money on instagram blogger

10. Katy Kicker

I’m Katy, known online as Katykicker. I love to share my own money-making and saving tips and tricks and also ways that I make my overall life more fun, enjoyable but frugal too!

Find out what Katy said when we asked her for her best money-saving tip!

personal finance instagram all things money

11. All Things Money

My name is Ola, and I am the founder and creator of All Things Money. All Things Money is a personal finance platform designed to help educate young adults about the world of personal finance, to help them navigate the adulting world! From my page you can expect to learn about all things money from budgeting, saving, and investing!

Learn more about Ola and how she started her personal finance Instagram account by checking out her interview with Emma.

personal finance instagram

12. Millennial Saves

I’m Emilie! Millennial Saves is my journey from debt to financial freedom, sharing all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way! I help other women become financially savvy by sharing money-saving tips, money motivation, quick financial lessons, and my own journey 💸

money experts on instagram uk

13. Skilled Finances 

We’re Thando & Lindie from Skilled Finances where we are passionate about teaching Financial Education. We break down financial concepts so you can manage your money well, and reach your financial goals.

index investor on instagram

14. Finance Josh 

I’m Josh from Edinburgh and I love all things personal finance and investing. My page “Finance Josh” is more of a community – we all want to see each other build wealth. There’s no looking down on anyone that doesn’t understand something – either myself or someone in the community will answer their questions, free of charge. I post easy to digest personal finance content. I want to spread the word that taking control of your finances can be a lot of fun.

personal finance instagram UK

15. Tolu Frimpong

My name is Tolu and I’m a Money Coach, Blogger, and YouTuber. Having paid off £36,000 debt in 2 years, I’m on a mission to help 500 people do the same. I share lots of content that will help you with personal finance, budgeting, and frugal living. I’ll show you how to live your BEST life on a BUDGET!

Black Girl Finance money minded women

16. Black Girl Finance

Black Girl Finance is designed to provide women with clear strategies to pay off debt, save, and invest. We are creating a community of unapologetic ambitious money-minded women. It was created in response to the ethnicity and gender pay gaps that exist.

Keep an eye out for our CEO who will be appearing on the Black Girl Finance podcast in the next few weeks!

Financial coach on Instagram UK

17. The Money Panel

The Money Panel is centered around helping women feel more empowered – we want to help women step into their power and feel confident about managing the practical aspects of money. We also talk about the emotional aspects of money, from shame, guilt, and judgment to happiness and joy. Follow us and you’ll feel better about your relationship with your money in no time. 

The Money Panel also has a fab podcast called In Her Financial Shoes. Read more about the In Her Financial Shoes podcast here.

financial coach on instagram UK

18. Laura Ann Moore

I am a 27-year-old living in London, and my mission is to demystify money and help people feel empowered by their finances. I am passionate about financial education because knowledge gives you the confidence to take control and make positive changes in your life.

On the Laura Ann Moore Insta page, you can expect everything and anything about personal finance – I teach you how to budget, save, and invest, whilst still living your best life! You will learn about the impact your mindset has on your finances and spending habits, and how to implement positive changes that put you in control of your money and your financial future.

I talk about all elements of personal finance, but I am big on money mindset and how our relationship with money affects every element of our financial wellbeing. I also aim to educate women on investing, to give them the confidence and knowledge to get started on building wealth for the future. 

personal finance instagram account

19. This Girl Talks Money

I’m Ellie, founder of This Girl Talks Money & a certified money coach! TGTM is the space I needed five years ago when I looked for financial tips and all I found was boring old men in suits. My aim at TGTM is to bring insights, advice, motivation, and knowledge to help millennial women to gain confidence and ownership of their own finances.

Catch our interview with This Girl Talks Money HERE.

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20. Mr Avocadough

Welcome to Mr. Avocadough – the personal finance Instagram blog which strives to help young people save smarter without compromising the things they love! We seek to simplify and demystify the unnecessarily complex world of personal finance and money. Hopefully, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way, which guide you to achieving your own finance, property, and investing goals. Follow us now for beautifully crafted posts about everything from investing in an uncertain climate to the power of pensions.


There we have it – twenty of our favourite personal finance Instagram accounts! If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post, then why not check out our list of favourite financial podcasts or our list of favourite financial books?

And, if you have a personal finance Instagram account and you haven’t been featured on this list, then drop us a message on Instagram. We love hearing from people who are really opening up the conversation around money!

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