Best jobs for Introverts

Are You an Introvert? 

Those who are not sure whether they are introverts should examine how they feel when they are with others. True introverts enjoy alone time, think more clearly when they are on their own, are described as self-starters and avoid uncomfortable run-ins with unhappy or angry people. They may not often call people on the telephone or send many texts or emails even to their friends or family. In general, they feel happier and more content when they keep mostly to themselves, and they try to stay away from casual conversations.

You might have taken a personality test in which you learned that you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Most people have some degree of both. If you’re an introvert, you may be more reserved and prefer environments that aren’t too stimulating. For introverts, alone time is a necessity that allows them to recharge. Although there is no set standard definition of introverts, they are usually characterised by:

  • Quiet in a large group
  • Introspective
  • Feel tired from social interactions
  • Enjoy being alone
  • Self-aware
  • Have a small group of friends
  • Independent
  • Think before acting

Interesting fact: Introverts are known for being famous and successful (e.g., J.K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi).

For introverts, these 5 jobs could be a good fit:

  1. Craft and fine artist

National average salary: £24,328 per year

If you have a creative eye and artistic talent, consider becoming a craft and fine artist. You can make pottery, glassware, textiles and more and earn a profit while doing so. This industry is good for independent, imaginative individuals who are willing to share their craft.

  1. Film and video editor

National average salary: £30,432 per year

After the chaos of filming a production, someone has to edit the content. It’s sometimes considered the “dirty work” of the film industry, but for people who prefer to work at their own pace, it’s the perfect job. You get the raw footage and can put your creative touches on the piece, often in the comfort of your own office or room.

  1. Graphic designer

National average salary: £31,867 per year

Graphic design is an especially good career path for highly creative introverts. In this position, you can communicate with your clients and deliver exactly what they’re looking for. However, the design work itself is done independently. This is especially true for freelance designers: According to the BLS, about one-third of graphic designers are self-employed and work from home, allowing introverts time to recharge after speaking with clients.

  1. Market research analyst

National average salary: £39,319 per year

This data-focused job requires you to collect and analyze information on market conditions to determine sales potential for products and services. You may have to prepare and present reports on your findings to company executives, but the majority of a market research analyst’s job is done independently. A bachelor’s degree and strong math and analytical skills are a must. 

  1. Translator 

National average salary: £27,868 per year

Translators have excellent linguistic and communication skills which they use to help clients translate documents, books and other types of written texts. Like copywriters, they typically work on their own as self-employed professionals. 


Being introverted is okay. It’s natural to feel this way and it’s not a bad thing. Introverts can be fun, interesting, social, and even outgoing when they want to be. ​​These 5 jobs definitely minimize the necessity of frequent connections with others whether they be coworkers or clients and focus more on one’s connection to his own work.

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