Why Emma is in beta and what it means

At Emma, we are trying to build the future. When it comes to crafting things and working with our users to see where we are heading, you need to go slow, make the right decisions and iterate. The only two things we are obsessed about here are our users and product. These are fundamental to the success of what we are doing.

There is nothing else. Apart from the blog, of course. 😉 We have decided to launch Emma and start first with a closed beta and then open to the public. Beta is one of the steps of the standard software release lifecycle. This means you actually test the software with users.

When we say closed beta, we refer to a phase where usage is limited to a small number of people by invitation. While with open, we refer to the same phase but the group of users is usually larger or the access to the software is open to everyone. If you want to get early access today, you can signup with your email on our main website. In doing so, you will officially become one of our beta testers!

When do you think to leave Beta?

We haven’t set a date to this yet, because the vision we have for Emma is quite extent and we need to perform many iterations on the app to make it work right for everyone. When we are comfortable to have product market fit and people are happy with the work we have achieved, we’ll definitely open Emma to everyone. It’s stated in our mission that we want to help everyone no matter who they are or where they come from.

Edoardo Moreni

I am the co-founder of Emma. I was born and raised in Rome, but went to Uni of Manchester, where I got my MEng in Computer Science. As a true Italian I love sushi and ramen. ;)