Emma Launches Open Banking Integration with Chip

FinTech challenger app’s partner to drive Open Banking’s potential.

  • Automatic saving app (Chip) and money management app (Emma) team up
  • First collaboration of its kind in the UK FinTech market, both powered by Open Banking

Open Banking apps Emma and Chip have partnered up to allow customers to track their automatic savings and savings goals within Emma’s dashboard.

Both Emma and Chip offer customers a unique experience by leveraging Open Banking. With hundreds of thousands of people in the UK now connecting to the apps and using them on a daily basis, FinTech collaborations like this could bring some real disruption to the UK’s consumer finance market.

Edoardo Moreni, Emma CEO said:

“Emma was built to empower millions of individuals to live a better and more fulfilling financial life. Chip is the next emerging FinTech and we are thrilled to welcome them as an integration.

“Our users can now manage and track their Chip savings alongside more traditional finances to make wiser and more transparent decisions.”

Open Banking regulation launched in January 2018, and a year on momentum is building within the UK consumer market.

Emma gives customers a simple and clear dashboard to easily analyse their money and spending habits. By analysing customers spending patterns, Emma also offers a host of useful features, like the ability to predict when users are about to hit their overdraft.

If Emma gives customers oversight of their finances, Chip optimises and automates them.

By connecting Chip to your current account, Chip analyses your spending behaviour and automatically saves money, without you feeling it. Chip’s AI-powered algorithm intelligently analyses your life to make the decisions you should make, automatically.

Chip customers are now saving £7million every month and last year the business carried out the largest crowdfund in UK history.

About Emma

Emma is currently building the banking app for millennials (iOS and Android), a mobile only solution that helps consumers avoid overdrafts, find and cancel subscriptions, track debt and save money. The product aims at providing a consumer focused banking experience, with the goal to improve the financial lives of its users.

Based in London, Emma launched in January 2018 with a team of finance and technology experts. The company raised a seed round of £500k in July 2018 led by Kima Ventures, one of the first investors in Transferwise, and Aglaé Ventures, the early stage program of the Groupe Arnault, investor in Netflix and Airbnb.

** Please note, our connection to Chip is no longer live. You can find out more information about this on the Emma Community, here.