Personal Finance Interview With ‘For Working Ladies’

We love meeting women who inspire us and this week we were lucky enough to catch up with Elizabeth Ogabi a Digital, Brand and Communications consultant based in London with over 10 years experience across various industries.

Elizabeth is the founder of  ‘For Working Ladies’, a community for entrepreneurial and career-driven women. ‘For Working Ladies’ provides women with the knowledge, tools, experiences and community they need to advance professionally and personally.

In this interview, we ask Elizabeth about her events, who she is currently following in the finance space and tips to achieve financial success as well as a happy lifestyle.

Name one Lady who you are loving in the financial space at the moment?

It’s hard to pick one, so I am going to have to give you two:

1. Emilie founder of Vestpod which is a platform teaching women how to invest. It’s such an important platform right now as the stats around women investing is really low. She has done a great job in demystifying personal investing and getting more women equipped and educated to take control of their financial future.

2 Alex Holder, author of Open Up – a brilliantly warm and timely book that destigmatises the way we talk, think and feel about money. It’s full of conversations about money in everyday life – how we earn it, how we spend it and how it affects us. It has helped me open up and have those much needed yet highly avoided money conversations.

What kind of events do you run? Have you got any on the horizon?

We just finished running a three-part event series around personal and business finance. We focus on events that educate and equip women for their professional and personal lives that could be a workshop on negotiation skills, a panel discussion on how to launch your business or even a brunch to encourage switching off.

Past events include:

Changing careers with Pip Jamieson
Thriving in the workplace with Lu Li
Four-Part event series with Bumble Bizz
Personal Investing with WealthSimple
Private EOY Brunch with Bumble Bizz

What is your top tip to achieve financial success and a happy lifestyle?

Money is very personal – how we spend it, how it affects us and how we think about it. It’s important to get to know what works for you, there isn’t a one rule fits all. That’s by looking at your income and finding out what it is going to take to sustain a happy lifestyle and still allow you to plan for a secure financial future. Once you know this then you can figure out what you need to budget, save and invest on an ongoing basis. Also, talk to your friends about money and understand what’s working for them – learning from others is also important.

Who is your BFF?

It was just recently that I was telling someone that I don’t believe in best friends! However, I believe in soul sisters and one who I’d love to point out is Natalie – an absolute gem, another is Sharla – she inspires me in so many ways.


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