Introducing…New Features in Emma Pro

Our mission at Emma is to build the best personal finance app in the world. When we say Emma’s going to be your new BFF (Best Financial Friend) we’re not joking!

Every feature that we build is inspired by our community of users and as you can tell we like to keep things exciting with new features dropping every month. Our product is super important and everything we do aims to inject fun into finance, because why does talking about money need to be stressful!?

We are the friend who jokes about your JustEat obsession but then helps you to cut down. We are here to empower you to take control of your finances and hopefully save a little something along the way. 

Emma update: Since launching in the US & Canada a little over a month ago, we brought our fee tracker overseas. We heard how much our users across the pond were paying in bank fees and just had to do something about it!

This feature gives you the ability to track any hidden bank fees that you might be paying. These fees are usually connected to overdrafts, refused direct debits, cash withdrawal, foreign transactions, bank transfers, fixed accounts and late payments. Finally, we rolled out our streak counter, which tells you how many days you have opened up the app in a row. If you think you can beat our CEO’s run, screenshot your streak and tag us with #beatmystreak. 

So now you’re thinking – what next?! 

This week we are super excited to announce that EmmaPro is welcoming not one new feature but five! Yes, you heard correctly. If you have EmmaPro head on over and have a play if you don’t then what you are waiting for…Remember when you sign up for Pro you get 1 week for FREE! If you love it and want it for longer then invite some friends 😉

Right, let’s not waste any more time and get to the good stuff…

Custom Category Emojis

We know how much you guy’s love Emojis, so when the guys in our community forum asked for this feature, we couldn’t say no. Customise your categories even further by adding your fave Emojis to each icon. Let’s face it the opportunities are endless… 

Manual Balances in any Currency

Do you have bank accounts with foreign currencies? Well if so, we’ve got you covered! Add your manual accounts using EmmaPro and update your balance with a choice of endless currencies. Adding a manual account with Angolan kwanza has never been easier. 

Rename Multiple Transactions

With EmmaPro, you can already rename multiple transactions, so we thought we’d take it that step further. Save time for ice cream eating and rename multiple transactions in one go.

Create Manual Transaction

Now, this is a big one! For those that use cash or want to connect an account which is not currently available in Emma, this feature is for you. You can now create manual transactions for your manual accounts. Got your car washed and had to use cash? Create a new transaction inside of the app and stay on top! 

Export Data between Time Ranges

If you are sat there thinking, I would love to see how much I spent over summer last year… Then this feature is your new best friend. Select two different dates and export all of your spending data over this time. We will even email it to you as an attachment for your records. 

Lot’s of these features have been requested by you on our community forum or social pages, so if you have not already joined the family, don’t forget to come and say hey. We want to hear your feedback and ideas, so get involved and don’t be shy! 🐻