top 50 personal finance youtube channels

Top 50 Personal Finance YouTubers in the US

Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, invest in the stock market or simply learn a few money saving tips, we’ve compiled the top 50 personal finance YouTubers in the US so you don’t have to.

1. Graham Stephan

Graham is a 28 year old real estate agent and investor who raked up millions of views sharing motivational content, product reviews and tips about accumulating wealth from a young age. He’s the most popular YouTuber on this list with over 1.3 million subscribers!

2. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet talks about personal finance in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Its owner Chelsea shares money saving tips and productivity hacks, along with a range of personal finance related interviews.

3. Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree

Jordan Page has been nicknamed the “Queen of Frugal”. Her simple, effective, and fun budgeting and frugal living techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of families all over the globe completely revamp their finances and get out of debt.

4. TechBud Solutions

TechBud Solutions is a peer to peer networking group of +200,000 that is designed to help connect motivated entrepreneurs & investors. It was built by Ricky Gutierrez, a 24 old entrepreneur who shares his successes making money online via stock trading, cryptocurrencies and digital marketing.

5. Ryan Scribner

Ryan Scribner makes videos geared towards investors looking to learn the basics of investing as well as personal finance skills. He also shares his experience building multiple online income streams and reviews online investment platforms.

6. Kris Krohn

Kris Kohn is a real estate investor who shares insightful tips to increase the value of your house. He’s posted some extremely popular videos on ways to invest money at an early age as well as how to get started in real estate investing.

7. Financial Education

This channel shares personal finance and investment videos for beginners. Its owner Jeremy successfully predicted the Bitcoin crash in 2018 and explores a range of finance-related topics from passive income and stock portfolios to negotiating for a car deal.

8. BeatTheBush

Beat The Bush is a channel about about credit score, finance, early retirement, financial products, saving money and anything money else related. Expect tips on increasing your FICO score, reducing monthly expenses and taking advantage of cash back programs.

9. Wealth Hacker

This channel is all about teaching you actionable wealth building, investing and online marketing strategies you can use to grow your online brand and boost your side hustle income. It’s particularly good for learning about passive income streams.

10. Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky has been posting videos about creative real estate investing for over 10 years, amassing millions of views in the process. His topics cover flipping houses, renovation tips and costs to expect when getting started in real estate investing.

11. WhiteBoard Finance

This channel revolves around the owner Marko’s real-world experience as a real estate investor, stock market investor, student of finance, and entrepreneur. You’ll learn a great deal of personal finance and investment tips.

12. Meet Kevin

Kevin is a 27-year-old real estate broker & investor with over 10 years experience building passive income streams. He does a lot of “Noob vs Pro” videos and provides quality advice to build your net worth around real estate.

13. Keeping It Real With Credit

Keeping It Real With Credit provides resources and knowledge on consumer credit and financial advice. Owner Ray shares many tips on debt management, improving your credit score and investing as well as car buying.

14. Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze is a best-selling author and speaker as well as Dave Ramsey’s daughter. She is considered an authority on the subject of personal finance and posts many videos about budgeting and life hacks that will save you money.

15. One Big Happy Life

One Big Happy Life is a family blog where Joseph & Tasha share their tips and tricks on how they manage their money, DIY their home decor, and organize their lives as two working parents and two kids while still doing all the fun things in life.

16. Mike and Lauren

Mike and Lauren are a couple of high school sweethearts that set themselves the goal to retire at 40. They have a lot of handy videos about retirement planning, car savings, DIY, travelling Europe and other budgeting-related topics.

17. Let’s Talk Money!

This channel is hosted by Joseph Hogue, a financial expert and investment analyst. He’s appeared on Bloomberg and on CNBC and has published ten books on personal finance. Now he helps families increase credit score and reach their financial goals with his videos.

18. Ask Sebby

AskSebby is one of the top personal finance channels for millennials. Sebby helps you find the best credit cards that match your lifestyle and vacation goals, as well as helping you decide when to use points vs cash to pay for services.

19. Living On A Dime To Grow Rich

This channel provides useful tips to help you grow your savings with easy homemade recipes & organizing tips. Hosted by family members Mike, Tawra, and Jill, the videos teach you smart techniques to better manage your money.

20. The Credit Shifu

The Credit Shifu (meaning ‘credit master’ in Chinese) helps you master the use of credit cards to unlock a world of amazing perks and free luxury travel. A must see for credit card reviews and insightful tips to make the best of your reward points.

21. Devin Carroll

Devin is a financial planner who loves to simplify the complex Social Security rules so you can use them to your advantage. He does a lot of useful videos on social security filings, tax planning and Medicare premium optimisation among other things.

22. Pennies into Pearls

On this channel, Brittany teaches you the basics of personal finance and frugal living. She shares tips and ideas on how to save money to achieve your goals (vacations, eating out, date nights, family fun, dream homes etc.).

23. Free To Family

This channel is full of money saving tips around meal prepping, grocery hauls, general life hacks and other frugal home life topics. Particularly helpful if you want to build long lasting habits and do your batch cooking like a boss for the week ahead.

24. His And Her Money

This channel teaches you how to get out of debt, save money and build wealth as a couple through side hustles. Talaat and Tai share many tips on money talks and careful investing, and have recently launched thePower Couples University.

25. SeedTime Money

Bob Lotich is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, award-winning blogger, and has been named a top 20 social influencer in personal finance. He shares practical tips to save money and timeless Biblical principles on how to spend it wisely.

26. 100 Percent Financed

Juan Pablo is a real estate investor, online entrepreneur, and published author who shares videos about credit repair, real estate funding, personal finance, and much more. Check out his tips on property management and boosting your FICO score.

27. Debt Free Dana ?

Dana has been sharing her my personal finance and parenting journey online since 2011. Subscribe to her channel for tips & tricks on frugal living, goal setting, wealth building, weight loss, debt free living & more.

28. Jack Chapple

Jack’s channels touches on a lot of topics, from successfully starting a business to stock market investing, real estate, motivation/mindset videos and much more. You can also check out his dog competing against day traders for a week.

29. Lydia Senn

Lydia paid off $36,000 worth of debt in two years and shows you how she did it. She provides easy money saving tips, quick fixes to your lifestyle and other tips to help you throughout your family adventures, all for a bargain.

30. Budget Girl

Sarah Wilson is a 31-year-old young professional who paid off $33,000 of student loan debt in 3 years on just a $26k salary, and documented the many ups and downs of her journey through weekly vlogs. A must see for all things frugal!

31. debtisdum

This channel shares daily tips from a family of five, from how they feed cheaply a celiac diet to how they save money everyday and make their home beautiful on a budget. All inspired by Dave Ramsey’s baby steps!

32. Dumb Money

Dumb Money was started by 3 friends who sold their tech startup and decided to quit their day jobs to pursue various investment opportunities and build this ‘lifestyle vlog’ on investing in early-stage startups, pre-IPO companies, public equities and real estate.

33. MissBeHelpful

Yanely shares her journey paying back her credit card debt after college and learning to live frugally as a full-time teacher. She makes videos on traveller hacks, improving your credit score and side hustling to get out of debt.

34. FrugalChicLife

On this channel, Nicole shares her journey towards financial freedom, focusing on eliminating debt, spending wisely, and saving for the future… all while being chic of course. Particularly good for goal setting and side hustle tips.

35. Freedom In A Budget

Kelly helps people of all ages to achieve financial freedom within their budget and become intentional with their money. She’s a master of budget planning and a fan of report cards. Check out her content on passive income streams and losing weight on a budget.

36. Marissa Lyda

Marissa is a first-time-mom-to-be from Portland, Oregon. She shares her experience clearing out $87,000 of student debt in two years with her husband, building an emergency fund, as well as budgeting for a house and a car.

37. TheFormerMrsJones

This channel features weekly videos about cheap grocery hauls at popular retailers. The family also shares how they sold their house, cars and furniture to pay back $40,000 worth of debt in only 9 months.

38. MoneySmartFamily

Steve & Annette Economides shares money smart, frugal, and thrifty ideas for making life fun, affordable and less stressful. Check out their handy cooking recipes and pro tips to cut down on your grocery expenses.

39. MappedOutMoney

Nick True lives with his wife and 4 pets inside an Airstream Camper, travelling the country while talking about personal finance. His videos are full of insightful tips, from smart budgeting with apps to profit first accounting for small businesses.

40. REtipster

REtipster provides real-world guidance for part-time real estate investors. Owner Seth Williams shares tips & tricks about property research, rentals, seller financing and many more real estate related topics.

41. The Organized Money

Alaina’s channel covers paper planning, productivity, budgeting, saving and debt reduction tips to help young people get their life and money on track. Check out her paycheck to paycheck budget plans and inspiring adulting videos.

42. TruFinancials

Dennis’ channel talks about how to save money, make more, and investing. He looks at frugality and minimalism as ways to improve our financial situation, does a lot of useful product reviews and shares his investment portfolio in great details.

43. Latisha Styles

LaTisha is an online media entrepreneur with many side hustles. She shares insightful tips on building your coaching business, attracting high paying clients and hosting webinars to support your side hustle.

44. Centsible Living With Money Mom

‘Money Mom’ shares daily videos about saving hacks, goal setting, building long lasting frugal habits, side hustling and product reviews. Check out her videos on what not to buy and making ends meet on a tight budget.

45. Living Even Keeled

This channel is hosted by Patricia, who shares her many lifestyle tips around budgeting, family, meal planning, decorating and much more. Check out her decluttering and organization tips to keep your home tidy on a budget.

46. JJ Buckner

JJ is a project engineer who documents his journey towards becoming financially independent since 2012. He shares his story saving for his first house and building his dividend stock portfolio as well as tips that helped him save 50% of his income.

47. Lauren Greutman

Lauren Greutman is a nationally known Consumer Savings expert and Budgeting Ninja. In her videos, she shares a lot of product reviews, tips about using coupons, saving on grocery hauls, and getting out of debt.

48. GoWithLess

Tim & Amy retired early in 2015 in their mid/late 40s and they share how they did it on this channel. This year they plan to sell their house and cars to travel the world full-time, sharing many tips from travel hacking to geographic arbitrage.

49. Pennies Not Perfection

Vlogging since 2009, this channel focuses on debt repayment, with pro tips on using sinking funds, beginner classes on budgeting and much more. Subscribe for advice on making money through side hustles and setting up a debt repayment plan.

50. Dollar Dude

In this personal finance channel, Troy shares some insightful advice to get out of debt, from paying back student loans to cleaning up your credit report and anything in between. What a dude!

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