How To Use Emma Pro: Your First Week As An Emma Pro User

Emma Pro is one of our premium subscription options that provides you with more features than the free version of Emma. 

These new features give you even greater control over your finances, allowing you to become a true master of your money. To help you get the most out of your Emma Pro subscription, let’s take a look at all the wonderful things you can do in your first week of Emma Pro.

Setup Rent Reporting to improve your credit history

One of our favourite new features in the app is rent reporting which allows you to improve your credit position by simply reporting your rent payments. For many people their rent is their largest expense and rent reporting allows you to make the most of this payment to count towards your credit report! 

To get started with rent reporting simply turn on rent reporting in the app from the Borrow tab and select your rent payment from your transactions. From here Emma will start reporting your rent payment to major credit bureaus Equifax and Experian!

It is that simple! Rent reporting is perfect for anyone looking to build their credit history without having to take on a new credit card or loan which typically are the only ways to build credit. 

Rent reporting in Emma

Set up your Savings Pots

Emma Pro offers both instant and easy access savings pots so you can choose the best way to save for your goals! This is a great way to set up instant access pots for your day-to-day spending and easy access pots to earn higher interest and make the most of your money! With Pro you earn a higher interest rate which is a considerable jump up from our Plus and Free users. 

With Pro you can create as many savings pots as you like for all of your different financial goals! Pots are a great way to organise your savings which is why the ability to set up as many pots as you want with Emma Pro is one way your subscription will help you reach your financial goals. Personally, I use pots to set up an emergency fund, a travel fund, and a fun pot for spontaneous events like concerts and weekends away! 

With Emma’s savings pots, you can feel secure knowing they are FSCS protected up to £85,000.

Emma Savings Pots

Start browsing cashback

As a Pro user, you now have access to all of our best cashback offers!

Emma offers hundreds of amazing cashback and exclusive savings offers in the app! With tons of amazing brands you know and love, Emma can help you make a little extra money when you shop through the app!

Whether that be 5% cash back at Boots, 4% at Nike, or 2% at Apple. Say you’re in the market for a new iPhone, with Emma’s cashback deals you can make £20 on your purchase of £1000! 

Cashback in Emma

Start investing with the added benefit of a Lower FX fee on your trades

With Emma Pro, you can invest in more than 2,000 US stocks with a lower FX fee!

With Emma, it is easy to get started investing and you can get started with as little as £1. Emma Pro customers save on FX fees. This means you have more money to put back into your portfolio!

With Emma Invest it is easy to make both a one-off purchase or set a recurring order when you find the investments that work for you! This is a great way to start to grow your portfolio directly in the Emma app!

Emma Invest

Remember, when investing, your capital is at risk.

Start Tracking your Net Worth 

With Emma Pro you can accurately add all your assets and liabilities to ensure you know your true financial worth. Tracking your net worth is an integral component of your financial health and essential to meeting your goals! 

On the Feed tab click where it says “Net Worth”. You’ll be directed to a page which has a list of different assets and liabilities, including any real estate, vehicles and any other assets of value you might own.

We’ll then give you a total summary of your assets, your liabilities, and calculate your final net worth for you. If you need help adding, or amending, your net worth this help article has all the answers.

Track your networth in Emma

Connect all of your accounts

With Emma Pro you have the ability to add unlimited bank connections so you can have a full overview of your finances. Connect all of your accounts to the app and if there are any that are unsupported by Emma you now have the ability to add them as an offline account.

This means you can now connect an account that isn’t currently supported in Emma. For example, you might have a savings account that you want to keep track of and view in Emma. You might have investments with a provider that is not currently supported in Emma. Or, we find that tracking mortgages and cash payments is also a popular use of this feature.

Being able to add all of these accounts manually gives you a clearer picture of your finances and ultimately helps you manage your money better. 

With Emma Pro you also have on demand sync’s throughout the day to stay up to date with any transactions you have made that day. This enables you to stay on top of your finances in real time. The app will also automatically sync 4x throughout the day so you don’t need to think about it! 

Connect your accounts in Emma

Improve your transactions 

With Pro you have access to all of our editing features which allow you to change the date, rename, split a transaction, organise your feed, and create smart rules.

Advanced transaction editing is a Pro feature which lets you update the category of multiple transactions in one go. We find it particularly useful if we have added a new custom category, as it means we can then quickly organise our past transactions into the new category. 

With the Pro subscription you can now also rename all of your transactions. You might want to rename the transaction if the one provided by your bank isn’t sufficient, or you might just want to make browsing through your recent transactions list a little clearer. 

Split transactions is one of our favourite Emma Pro features. You can now click on any transaction, and split it into 10 different transactions. From here, you can then assign up to 10 different categories for each transaction. 

This is super useful if you regularly shop with retailers that offer multiple product types. For example, you might do a big shop at Tesco’s. You spend £50 on groceries, £20 on clothes, and £15 on homewares. This feature lets you split the one transaction of £85 into three separate transactions that make more sense to you, and your budget. 

Edit Transactions in Emma

Create custom categories and unlimited budgets

Custom Categories is an Emma Pro feature that allows you to create your very own categories. 

With this feature you can then categorise your spending in a way that makes sense to you. You can even set budgets for these custom categories. 

That means, if you wanted to, you could budget specifically for petrol, car insurance, car tax and car repairs instead of only seeing this under the default Transport category. 

Other examples of custom categories we know our customers love are; Savings, Gifts, Insurance, Pets, Rent, Clothes, and even Coffee! 

Custom Categories in Emma

Setup rolling and merchant budgets

If you want to be a real budgeting Pro you can set up rolling budgets as well as merchant specific budgets with Emma Pro. Rolling budgets allow you to carry over any unused spend from the last budgeting period to the next. Say you have a grocery budget of £150 but only end up spending £120 then the £30 difference will rollover to you next month to become £180 for that month! 

Merchant budgets are another great feature if you find yourself shopping at a lot of the same places. With merchant budgets you can select where you are spending whether it be Zara or Sainsbury’s and set a specific budget for that company.

All transactions from there will be taken into account in your merchant budget so you can stay on top of it! 

Merchant Budgets in Emma

Export your data 

With your new Emma Pro subscription you can now export all of your data to a CSV file. This means you can move all your transaction history from the Emma app onto your desktop. From here, you can then manage your money in even more detail by creating an excel spreadsheet. 

On the excel spreadsheet you could then work out your future forecasts, look at how your spending has changed over time, you could even create your own graphs. 

Data Export in Emma

Protect yourself from Fraud

With Emma Pro you can feel secure knowing we are here to help protect your online identity!

Emma diligently scans the web for any data breaches and shares of your personal information so you can protect yourself from fraud!

Emma will notify you of any breaches it finds so you can take action to remedy the situation. I was able to find out my twitter password had been compromised by this feature which protected my account after i changed the password.

Fraud detection in Emma

Receive your Bill Reminders 

One of the best ways that Emma helps people to manage their finances is with bill reminders.

Emma will send you a notification at the beginning of the week to let you know of any recurring spend that will be coming out this week, whether that be a Spotify subscription or a credit card payment. 

Bill reminders in Emma

Make a Bank transfer

Emma Pro users can make bank transfers with just a tap within the app.

Whether you want to pay back a friend or transfer money to an account abroad Emma Pro users have an increased monthly limit.

Bank Transfer in Emma


Looking to learn more? Visit our FAQ page to find out everything you need to know about Emma Pro.

Got any more questions? Feel free to drop us a message on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or start a new topic on the Emma Community

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