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How To Use Emma Pro: Your First Week As An Emma Pro User

Emma Pro is our premium subscription option that provides you with more features than the free, default version of Emma. 

These new features give you even greater control over your money, allowing you to become a true master of your money. 

To help you get the most out of your Emma Pro subscription, let’s take a look at all the wonderful things you can do in your first week of Emma Pro.

Day 1: Set Custom Categories 

Custom Categories is an Emma Pro feature that allows you to create your very own categories. 

With this feature you can then categorize your spending in a way that makes sense to you. You can even set budgets for these custom categories. 

That means, if you wanted to, you could budget specifically for petrol, car insurance, car tax and car repairs instead of only seeing this under the default Transport category. 

Other examples of custom categories we know our customers love are; Savings, Gifts, Insurance, Pets, Rent, Clothes, and even Coffee! 

To set your custom categories, go to the More tab, click on Emma Pro, and click “Add a custom category”. For more information on setting custom categories, visit our FAQ page.

Custom Categories Emma Pro

Day 2: Add An Offline Account

Now you’ve got Emma Pro you can add as many offline accounts as you wish. Hooray.

This means you can now connect an account that isn’t currently supported in Emma. For example, you might have a savings account that you want to keep track of and view in Emma. You might have investments with a provider that is not currently supported in Emma. Or, we find that tracking mortgages and cash payments is also a popular use of this feature.

Being able to add all of these accounts manually gives you a clearer picture of your finances and ultimately helps you manage your money better. 

Go to More > Emma Pro to add an offline account, or click on the Accounts tab and add an account manually by scrolling down until you see “Add It Manually”.

At the moment offline accounts will need to be updated manually – i.e. you’ll need to add a transaction and edit the total balance yourself. BUT, we’re currently testing a feature called Smart Rules that will be able to automatically do this for you! 

If you’d like to help us test this feature, you can add your Emma link to our Community thread and we’ll activate this feature for you. 

Offline Accounts in Emma Pro

Day Three: Add Your Accurate Net Worth 

When it comes to Net Worth, we might be more familiar with a celebrities Net Worth than our own. Jeff Bezos has a Net Worth of $184 Billion. Kanye West has a Net Worth of $1.3 Billion. But do you know what your own Net Worth is?

With Emma Pro you can accurately add all your assets and liabilities to ensure you know your true financial worth. 

On the Feed tab click where it says “Net Worth”. You’ll be directed to a page which has a list of different assets and liabilities, including any real estate, vehicles and any other assets of value you might own. We’ll then give you a total summary of your assets, your liabilities, and calculate your final Net Worth for you. 

Need help adding, or amending, your Net Worth? This help article has all the answers. 

Calculate Your Net Worth

Day Four: Shop x2 Cashback

This is a new Emma Pro feature that we have been super excited to launch. Emma Pro users can now get double the cashback rewards on the biggest brands in fashion, food, home, tech and beauty. That means more bang for your buck! 

To see the full list of cashback brands, go to More > Cashback. You can browse through our top offers, or search through the different retailers by category. You’ll notice that the rewards differ by brand, but most will offer a set amount of cashback. 

We will then be able to track any purchases you make, adding the cashback value to your Emma wallet. (Although it is worth noting that in some cases this can take 30 days). Once you’ve earned £5/ $5 through cashback, we’ll pay out your earnings via Paypal. 

How to earn more cashback

Check out some of the deals we’ve been loving on cashback recently! 

Day Five: Make The Most Of Advanced Transaction Editing

Advanced transaction editing is a pro feature which lets you update the category of multiple transactions, regardless of their merchant. We find it particularly useful if we have added a new custom category, as it means we can then quickly organise our past transactions into the new category. 

To do this, open your recent transactions and then click on the pencil icon. You can then select as many transactions as you wish. 

With the pro subscription you can now also rename all of your transactions. You might want to rename the transaction if the one provided by your bank isn’t sufficient, or you might just want to make browsing through your recent transactions list a little clearer. 

You can learn more about renaming a transaction here.

Advanced Transaction editing emma pro

Day Six: Split A Transaction

Split transactions is one of our favourite Emma Pro features. You can now click on any transaction, and split it into 10 different transactions. From here, you can then assign up to 10 different categories for each transaction. 

This is super useful if you regularly shop with retailers that offer multiple product types. For example, you might do a big shop at Tesco’s. You spend £50 on groceries, £20 on clothes, and £15 on homewares. This feature lets you split the one transaction of £85 into three separate transactions that make more sense to you, and your budget. 

We’re currently considering increasing the amount of times you can split a transaction. If you think you’d like to be able to split the transaction more than 10 days, drop us a message on the Emma Community. 

split your transactions

Day Seven: Export Your Data 

And lastly, with your new Emma Pro subscription you can now export all of your data to a CSV file. 

This means you can move all your transaction history from the Emma app onto your desktop. 

From here, you can then manage your money in even more detail by creating an excel spreadsheet. 

On the excel spreadsheet you could then work out your future forecasts, look at how your spending has changed over time, you could even create your own graphs. 

To export your data, open the Emma app, click on More, select Emma Pro and then click Exporting Of Data. You’ll then just need to provide us with an email address and the date range you want to be exported. Simple!

export your transaction data with emma pro


Here we’ve listed seven features you can now access with your new Emma Pro subscription. We hope that these features will make managing your money even easier! 

If you’re yet to give Emma Pro a go, head to More in the app. You’ll see a button which says Emma Pro that then directs you to more information about pricing and features.

Still need a little help making use of all the Pro features? Message our in-app live chat and speak to someone who knows all the answers. Because you’re a Pro member, you’ll even get priority support!

Chat to a human customer support

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