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Emma Saver Stories: Say Hello To Fraser

One of the best things about working at Emma is hearing how our quirky, fun, money app is helping thousands of people live a more fulfilling financial life. 

Your kind reviews and the lovely comments left on social media have given us little snippets into how we’re helping you manage your money, but we think these stories deserve to be heard and celebrated.

That’s why we put out a call for your best money-saving stories. The kind of stories that make all the hard work involved in creating a finance app worthwhile!

So without further ado, let’s hear from our first saver; Fraser! 

Fraser first heard about Emma after chatting to his girlfriend about money. She’d been using Emma for a while and thought it was something he could benefit from using too. 

“I heard about Emma through my girlfriend a while back. She recommended it to me because she knew I had multiple accounts, credit cards, savings and investments and thought I needed a better way for me to keep track of everything” 

“The main reason I downloaded Emma was to consolidate all of my accounts. I wanted one easy to manage solution, and thought Emma was ideal for this. It was definitely easier than creating a bunch of spreadsheets!” 

Fraser then told us that it was important to keep track of all his finances in this way because they had just begun saving for a house deposit together. 

“Saving for a house deposit is not easy. One of the hardest parts of saving money has definitely been how daunting the overall deposit amount can seem. The temptation to use the money elsewhere is strong too.”

We agree with Fraser when he says that saving for a house deposit isn’t easy. While there is a range of government schemes that can help you save, you still need a huge amount of determination to keep adding to your savings each month.

We wanted to know more about how Emma has helped Fraser save… 

“Emma has been amazing for helping me save. It gives me a clear overview of my incomings as well as my outgoings and lets me go into granular details on where my money is going and how I can save more and spend less. It’s highlighted the areas that I can cut back on spending, which has undoubtedly given me more free money to put towards the deposit” 

“The net worth feature on Emma has been great for giving me one number to focus on. I think it’s a really cool feature! It’s been great for tracking my overall progress and seeing which months I’ve been able to save the most. I’d say it was one of my favourite Emma features!”

Fraser goes on to tell us that he’s currently saved half of his deposit!

We’re super proud of Fraser and love how he’s using Emma to manage his money a little better. 

But, we’re not the only ones that think you’re doing a great job… The one and only Paul Chuckle has left this message for you! 👀

Keep up the good work, Fraser, and let us know when you reach your savings goal!

Have we helped you budget, save, invest and generally improve your relationship with money..? If so, we want to hear from you! 📢 

We’re looking for people with inspiring, funny, or applause-worthy stories about how Emma has helped them with their money. 

If you’d like to be involved, please DM us on Twitter or Instagram, telling us how Emma has helped you with your money. As a thank you for sharing your story, we’ll give £20 for any story that is published on the Emma blog ✌️

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