We Are Crowdfunding!

Dear friends,

I am Edoardo, CEO & co-founder of Emma. 

Since the very first day, we have built Emma thanks to your invaluable feedback.

Emma customers have been at the heart of our business with tens of thousands of feature requests, suggestions and ideas. After all we have achieved together, we want to give you the opportunity to jump onboard and share this journey with us.

That’s why I am thrilled to announce that we’re crowdfunding for the first time ever!

This is your chance to join us and own shares in one of the UK’s fastest growing fintech startups.

We have allocated a limited number of shares, so make sure you register to get priority access before our crowdfunding goes live to the general public!

It’s always been our plan to give our customers the chance to own part of Emma. We feel now is a great time to let you share and shape our future by investing alongside top VC firms and investors.

Our Success So Far

🚀 500% YoY growth

👫 Over 600k Emma customers

📊 £100bn worth of user transactions analysed to date

🕴️ Raised from the same VCs as Curve, Transferwise and CityMapper

Our Plans For The Future

In 2019, we launched in the United States & Canada. We’re now set to bring Emma all over Europe.

By the end of the year, we’ll target 1 million customers and plan to roll out an exciting set of new features.

We are now crowdfunding to supercharge growth and execute on our product roadmap.

Together, we can build the control centre for your money!

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