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Emma’s Crowdfunding Investor Rewards

As you’re all probably aware, Emma is crowdfunding for the first time ever. This crowdfunding round gives you the opportunity to own equity in a company you love. But, we wanted to take this one step further.

As well as offering equity in Emma, we’ve decided to launch a range of investor rewards. These rewards range from investor badges to Emma merchandise, to dinner with the founders.

Find out more about the rewards we’re offering here and how you can sign up to invest.

What Investor Rewards Are We Offering?

Investor Badge 🔰: If you invest £10 you’ll get your very own investor badge on your Emma profile screen, and on the Emma Community. You’ll also be given the chance to take part in early testing, which can help shape any new features released.

Investor App Icons 🐻: Invest £100 in our latest crowdfunding raise and you’ll be given a range of special investor icons for the app. All you need to do is choose your favourite!

Community Insider 👩🏻‍💻: For £500 you’ll get exclusive access to Zoom community events where we’ll be discussing new Emma features.

Emma Swag 🧢: Invest £1,000 in our crowdfunding raise and get your very own Emma swag. Kit yourself out with a range of merchandise, like …

Founding Member 🕴🏻: Invest £3,000 to become a founding member, and get exclusive access to both founders of Emma via Telegram or Whatsapp. You’ll also get a special founding member badge that you can show off on the app or in the Emma Community.

Plus Founding Member 👾: To become a Plus Founding member you’ll need to invest up to £10,000 in our crowdfunding campaign. All plus founding members will get exclusive artwork from our unique collection of NFTs featuring our gummy bear logo. You’ll also get early access to Emma Plus – our new subscription plan, as well as everything else from the above tiers.

Ultimate Founding Member 🍽: And lastly, we have our Ultimate Founding Member reward. Invest £25,000 in this crowdfunding raise and you’ll get a founding member badge in the app and on the Emma Community. You’ll get the opportunity to wine and dine with the founding team, as well as early access to Emma Ultimate.

Why should I Invest In Emma?

  • We’re helping over 600K people manage their money more effectively
  • We’ve seen huge growth – over 500% YoY
  • Our app has analysed over £100bn worth of user transactions to date
  • We’re the #2 top-grossing finance app on the app store

How Will Crowdfunding Help Us?

Crowdfunding will help us supercharge our growth. We’ll then be able to roll out Emma across all of Europe, and can execute on our product roadmap. This will help us reach some of our big goals, like:

  • Hit 1M customers before the end of the year
  • Release a tonne of game-changing features
  • Become the one-stop-shop for all your financial needs

How Can You Invest In Emma?

If you want to take part in this crowdfunding round, sign up to our registration page here. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be given priority access to our crowdfunding page before it goes live to the general public.

You’ll receive an email that explains everything in more detail. At this stage you do not need to commit any money.

For more information about crowdfunding, read “What is equity crowdfunding” and “All the crowdfunding lingo you need to know”, or alternatively, head to the Emma Community where we have been discussing crowdfunding in more detail.

With equity crowdfunding, your capital is at risk.

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