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Emma Releases New P2P Payments Feature

Whether you’re paying for everyone’s dinner, getting the beers in, or all chipping in for a present, sorting money between friends has never been simple. Until now. 

Emma has just launched a new feature that makes transferring money between friends and family easier than ever. 

In only a few clicks you can input an amount to transfer, select a bank account, and choose which of your friends the money is going to be transferred to and from. 

With Emma’s new P2P payments feature, you can settle your bills in a matter of seconds. The days of giving out your account numbers and sort codes are officially over! 

How To Send Money:

To send money to your friends or family, start by opening the Emma app and clicking on the Pay tab. 

You’ll first need to select which account the money is going to be sent from. Using the dropdown menu at the top of your screen choose the correct account. We’ll display your current account balance so you can rest assured your account has sufficient funds. 

Next, type how much you want to send using the big dial pad in the center of the screen and click on the “Pay” button. A contact list will now appear. 

If your friend already has Emma, click on their name, then write a short reference that describes the payment. To finish the transfer press the “Pay” button in the right hand corner.

Emma will then need to authenticate the transfer by opening your banking app. As soon as this has been completed, you’ll be directed back to Emma. 

If your friend doesn’t have Emma, the process will be slightly different. This feature is Peer 2 Peer Payments so you will both need to have Emma for the transfer to work.

Just select the payee from your contact list, write a quick reference, and press “Pay”. A message will then be sent to your friend or family member asking them to download the Emma app. 

How To Request Money: 

To request money from your friends or family, simply choose the account you’d like the money to be transferred to, add the value, and press “Request”. You’ll then be shown your contact list. 

Choose who you’d like to request money from by tapping on their name, or adding their user handle. Emma will then contact this person by sending them a message via your choice of WhatsApp, text, email, etc. You can also send an accompanying reminder with more detail about the money you’re requesting. Press “Done” to complete the request. 

Your Activity:

If you want to see the status of your payments and requests you can tap on the button in the top right corner. This will take you to your activity feed. 

More Need To Knows: 

  • You can access this feature by clicking on our new “Pay” tab. This has replaced the “Save Money” tab which can now be accessed through the feed.
  • The “Pay” tab works on top of Open Banking, thanks to a partnership we have closed with Yapily, a leading Open Banking provider.
  • You can transfer a minimum of £0.01 and a maximum of £5,000.
  • This is a P2P feature, which means you can only send and request money to people if they have downloaded Emma.
  • This feature currently only lets you send and request money from people in the UK.

Coming Soon: 

We are constantly looking for ways to improve all our features. In the next few weeks, we’ll add a QR code to the P2P payments section that’ll make the process even easier. 

We’ll also add the functionality to transfer between your own accounts. This includes the ability to add money to your own investment accounts and pockets. Adding this into Emma means there’s one less reason to use your old, clunky banking apps! 

If you haven’t used our new P2P Payments feature yet, give it a go! Let us know if you find it useful, or if you have any feedback that’ll help us improve this feature. You can tell us by joining the conversation on the Emma Community, or by dropping us a message on Twitter. 

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