Is there a UK alternative to Yolt?

We’re sorry to hear that Yolt has announced they’ll be shutting up shop on Saturday, December 4. This means all accounts, profiles, and prepaid cards will be stopped. 

While they didn’t go in-depth about this decision, they shared that they will be closing their consumer-facing business to focus on Yolt Technology Services – their business proposition.

Yolt has been a staple for many people wanting to take control of their finances and was a big name in the UK money management space. We’ll miss their push for innovation which has kept us on our toes! 

Is there a UK alternative to Yolt?

There are several money management apps in the UK, but not all will be the right fit for you. 

If you’re looking to continue your money management journey and you haven’t found an alternative to Yolt just yet, Emma may just be what you’re looking for. 

We built Emma because we wanted to change our relationship with money. Taking control of your finances shouldn’t have to be an intimidating prospect.   

Like Yolt, you can combine all your accounts in one place using the Open Banking system. Emma, however, takes things one step further. Our crafty tech team has taught Emma to take the same Open Banking information and transform it into truly useful information using AI.

Emma works with all major banks operating in the UK, USA and Canada and best of all, it is free to use. 

Why is Emma the best alternative to Yolt? 

We get it – breaking up with Yolt and moving on when there are several money management apps to choose from is daunting. Here’s why we think Emma is the right pick.

  1. It’s familiar

Emma has all the features you know and love from Yolt: Payday budgeting, cashback, account aggregation, bill comparison services and more! 

  1. It’s upgradable 

Get access to even more helpful features such as the ability to create custom budgeting buckets, set specific savings goals, rename transactions, compute your accurate net worth and earn cashback with an Emma Plus or Emma Pro subscription. 

  1. It’s always improving

The smart cookies here at team Emma are always working to release new and useful features to make Emma even better. We also take feedback from our users very seriously and work closely with our users to find areas to improve. With new features released every other week, you can be sure Emma is your go-to financial tool.  

Emma helps with your everyday money needs – letting you know when you’re spending too fast, notifying you when you get paid, and enabling you to stay on track with your budgets with weekly reports, alerts, and budgeting tips. Think of a financial advisor, but a fun version 💃

Download Emma from the app stores (iOS & Android) and help us build the future. 

Take control of your finances 🐻 

Just download the app, link your bank accounts and get your free-spending report. 🙌

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