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Seven Best Investing Apps In The UK

Want to keep an eye on your investments at any time, wherever you are? Downloading an investing app might be the way to go. There are a lot of different apps available, so we’ve looked at some of the best investing apps in the UK to help you find one that best suits your financial needs. 

1) Nutmeg:

Nutmeg is a low cost online investment platform that manages your investment portfolio based on your appetite for risk. It is commonly categorised as a “Robo Advisor”. This basically means they provide investment management, with minimal human intervention. You can open a pension, stocks and shares ISA, junior ISA or a Lifetime ISA across a range of portfolio types.

If you’re new to investing, then Nutmeg offers fully managed portfolios. This means experts will monitor your portfolio, and adjust the investment mix to make sure you achieve your investment goals. If you’re looking for a portfolio with cheaper fees, then opt for their fixed-allocation portfolio instead. 

If you’d like to begin investing with Nutmeg then head over to the Emma app. As an Emma customer, you’ll pay no portfolio management fees on your investments for six months. You can then link your Nutmeg account to Emma and view your investments daily.

2) Coinbase:

Cryptocurrencies are big news at the moment, and Coinbase is just one of many platforms in this space. They’re currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with 25 million users across 32 countries. This investment app lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum and is ideal if you want to trade cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrencies.

Their app is free to download, but you’ll face charges depending on how you buy crypto (i.e. if you purchase by direct debit, cash deposit, etc).

If you’re interested in investing in crypto with Coinbase, then visit the Save Money tab on Emma and click on “Start Investing”. Again you can link your investments to Emma, making it easier than ever to track your portfolio.

3) Fidelity:

Fidelity is one of the largest investment providers in the world. You can access a wide range of investment funds, as well as stocks, shares, and bonds. We especially like their “Pathfinder” tool which looks at your risk level and then helps you choose from 10 ready-made growth portfolios or six income-focused portfolios. Use this tool to help you pick the perfect portfolio and get 24/7 access to low fees and expert guidance.

Find out more about Fidelity by heading to the investment section in the Save Money tab on Emma.

4) eToro:

eToro lets you buy and sell a substantial range of financial products. Like stocks, shares, and cryptocurrencies. The app offers over 800 global shares from multiple stock exchanges around the world, so there’s plenty of options to choose from. For cryptocurrencies, you can invest in Bitcoin, and they even have their own cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your coins.

We love that eToro offers copy trading – a feature that lets you copy investment portfolios of top investors! It’s also commission-free, which is another great benefit of eToro. 

To find out more about investing with Etoro, head to the Save Money tab on Emma and click “Start Investing”. Or click the button below to be directed to their site.

5) Hargreaves Lansdown:

In terms of investment options, Hargreaves Lansdown is a winner – offering shares, funds, bonds, investment trusts, ready-made portfolios and in-house funds. One thing we particularly like about HL is their commentary on certain stocks and funds. If you’re just getting started with investing, this commentary is a great way to gain insight into how analysts feel about company announcements and possible price swings. 

It can feel a little more old fashioned than some of these other apps, and might not be the most intuitive for beginner investors. As with all of the apps mentioned above, Hargreaves Lansdown is free to download, but there are fees you need to be aware of, some of which are more expensive than other investing apps.

To find out more info about Hargreaves Lansdown, visit investments on the Save Money tab in Emma.

6) Kraken

Founded in 2011, Kraken is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange that lets you buy, sell, and earn rewards by staking a large selection of digital assets.

It has the most competitive staking rates on the market and has the lowest fees to trade with GBP. Kraken is a great option for more experienced traders, as it offers more advanced features like margin trading support. Kraken also allows unlimited crypto deposits, although withdrawals are limited.

7) Interactive Investor

Interactive Investor is a low-cost, award-winning, online investment platform that lets you easily manage shares, funds, SIPPs, ISAs, and more.

It has the largest selection of European & North American stocks to trade. We like that you can also view their model portfolios, that include a mixture of actively managed funds and passive/ tracker funds. They have Active Growth, Active Income, Low-cost Growth, and Low-cost Income that you can follow based on your own investment goals.

How To Choose The Best Investing Apps:

If you’re looking to start investing without the help of a financial advisor, then you may want to consider using one of these platforms mentioned above. Before picking an investment platform you should take into account the following: 

  • Type of investment – Do you want to invest in individual company shares or a wide range of funds? Or, would you prefer to pay for a ready-made portfolio? 
  • Fees – Each of the investment platforms mentioned above are free to download but come with different fees and charges. Make sure you understand all of the fees involved.
  • Features – Each of these investing apps come with different features. Consider which features you’d benefit from the most – whether that’s investment news, communities, calculators or tracking functionalities. 


There has been a real surge in the amount of investing apps in the UK. We’ve looked at some of our favourite investment platforms available, breaking down the differences between them. 

Before investing with one of these apps, make sure you’re aware how investing works. We’ve written a complete guide to investing, looked into the risks associated with investing, and have spoken to our fave investing experts about how to get started. 

Looking for more ways to grow your money? Download Emma and we’ll help you set budgets, track your spending, and grow your savings! 

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