Emma Pro

Eight Reasons You Need Emma Pro

Emma Pro is the premium version of Emma. 

For a small yearly fee, you’ll have access to a whole bunch of new and exciting features. All of which have been set up to give you greater control of your finances! 

So what are these great features we speak of? 

1. Accurate Net Worth

Your net worth is a single number that can be used to determine your current financial position.

In Emma Pro, you can now add an asset or loan to your net worth calculation to make it more accurate. This includes items like real estate, vehicles, and even other assets like jewellery or art.

Net Worth Emma Pro

2. Create Custom Categories

If you’re already an Emma user, you’ll know that whenever you spend money we’ll automatically group your spending into set categories. 

These categories include things like bills, groceries, and transport. But what if your spending doesn’t quite fit into one of these categories? That’s where Emma Pro comes in…

With Emma Pro you can create your own custom categories, letting you manage categories that make sense to you. These extra options mean you can now budget and track your spending for specific things. Like takeaways, makeup, gifts… you name it. 

You can even edit the design of these categories, by choosing the colour and emoji that best describes its purpose.  

If you want to see some examples of other custom categories created, click through to our Community pages here. 

Custom Categories Emma Pro

3. Export Your Data

From time to time, you may like to see your transactional data sorted in Emma on a spreadsheet. 

With Emma Pro, you can export all your transactional data to a CSV. file which you can then use on a spreadsheet. 

If you love excel (like I do!) you can have a play with more advanced budgeting features, like future forecasting. Or, you can keep note of how your spending has changed over time. 

All you need to do is select a time frame, type in your email address and we’ll send you all the info you need! 

4. Advanced Transaction Editing

You may decide every so often that you’d like to re-categorise your transactions.

With Emma Pro, you can re-categorise multiple transactions from different merchants in one go! Simply click the pencil icon to edit, and voila your transactions will now sit under a new category.

5. Rename Transactions

Do you ever look at your transaction history and see a payment that you can’t recall what it was for? Perhaps you sent £20 to a friend for their birthday, but all you can see is £20 attributed to a long account number?

With Emma Pro, you have the ability to rename all your transactions. That £20 transaction can now be renamed to something more useful, like “Lucy Birthday” for example! 

6. Offline Accounts

This feature allows you to manually create any kind of account. This is particularly useful if you have an account that isn’t supported in Emma but you still want to track.

Offline accounts behave in the same way as your other bank account, except you need to manually create transactions and update the balance.

Within each offline account, you can also create manual transactions to track your spending. 

This is particularly useful if you often pay for items using cash. Create the manual transaction, and it will show up in all your transaction history/ spending analysis. This helps you create an even more accurate picture of your spending habits! 

To make offline accounts even better, we’ve also added the ability to link the logo to a Twitter handle. All you need to do is click “edit logo” and type in the Twitter handle of your choice!

offline accounts Emma Pro

7. Split Transactions

You may want to split a transaction if part of the transaction needs to be differentiated from the rest. For example, you purchase from a store that sells both groceries and home goods. You may want to split the transaction into two, assign one to groceries, and one to housing.

Again, this feature allows for more accurate spending analysis – showing you truly where and how you spend your hard earned money. 

If you have a joint account linked to Emma, you can also use this feature to represent what you’ve actually spent each month. For example, say you spend £100 at Sainsbury’s. If you use the split transaction feature you can split this so it shows as two payments of £50. Simply exclude one of the payments and it’ll look like you’ve only spent £50 that month on groceries. 

8. Rolling Budgets

This feature is coming soon to Emma Pro, and we are V excited! 

Say you’ve budgeted £100 a month for eating out… Realistically, you’re not going to spend exactly the same amount of money each month when visiting restaurants. 

With rolling budgets, whatever you don’t spend in one month can be pushed into the next! So for example, if your eating out budget is £100 and you only spend £80, next month your budget will be £120! 


If you’re thinking about switching to Emma Pro, visit the “more” tab in the Emma app. Or, visit our FAQ page to find out everything you need to know.

Got any more questions? Feel free to drop us a message on Twitter, Facebook, or start a new topic on the Emma Community!