personal finance instagram accounts in the US & CA

Our Favourite Personal Finance Instagram Accounts In The US & CA

A couple of weeks ago we published a list of our favorite personal finance Instagram accounts in the UK. We couldn’t possibly leave out our friends across the pond, so we’ve now rounded up our favorite personal finance accounts in the US & CA.

This list really does include the best of the best. Follow these fab people on Instagram, and get all the financial education you deserve!

So, in no particular order, here are our favorite personal finance Instagram accounts in the US & CA.

mixed up money

Mixed Up Money

Mixed Up Money exists to teach women that it’s never too late to start. Money is emotional and it’s intimidating. And when you combine those two side effects, it can seem impossible. A lot of people brush it to the side. But I like to break it down and say, hey, it’s only intimidating if you put pressure on yourself, and you don’t need to. You have a lot more time than you think to make the right changes.”

catherine calford

Catherine Calford

“My Instagram page is @catherinecalford. I’m a financial educator, entrepreneur, mom of twins, and author of the upcoming book Mom’s Got Money. On my page, I share money and business advice geared toward women. Tune in every Monday for “Money Mondays”. You can expect practical money and business advice from a mom who is just doing her best day-to-day to raise kids, build an empire, and ignore the laundry piles.”

her first 100K

Her First 100K

Her First $100k is dedicated to fighting the patriarchy by making you rich. Tori Dunlap, a globally-recognized money and career expert, is known for saving $100k by age 25. She now uses her platform to create a non-judgmental and shame-free community focused on educating millennial women about all things personal finance and entrepreneurship.”

personal finance Instagram accounts in the US

Zero Based Budget

“Budgeting is the foundation of good money management. Whether you’re looking to increase your savings, pay off debt, or invest, your budget will give you the confidence to make sound financial decisions. I created @zerobasedbudget to document my journey to paying off $215,000 of debt (most of which was from student loans!). I’ve since paid off my debt and continue to document my journey towards financial independence while sharing financial tidbits – simple digestible money concepts – that I learn along the way!”

the money manual

The Money Manual

“Here at The Money Manual, we want everyone to lead a life of ABUNDANCE. Not a life of scarcity. We want everyone to live a debt-free life, grow their income, and build sustainable wealth. You can expect helpful money tips, Instagram Lives with a variety of experts, open discussions on gender and racial disparities in income and wealth, and even fun memes. We want to make personal finance accessible for everyone and we hope our feed showcases that.”

personal finance Instagram accounts in the US

Poised Finance + Lifestyle

“Sahirenys Pierce is the founder of Poised Finance + Lifestyle and the creator of the High-5 Banking Method. Her brand is focused on motivating women to find their unique balance in managing their finances and lifestyle with poise. She shares tips and systems to help you live your best life while being financially savvy at the same time. You can also expect motivational quotes like “your new life will cost you your old life” and “Instead of giving every dollar a job, give every dollar a purpose. It’s easy to quit a job, but difficult to quit your purpose.”

stephanie O'Connell

Stephanie O’Connell

“I’m Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez, a writer, journalist, and author covering women, money, power, and ambition. I use my Instagram page to show women that it is possible to live the life you want. I do this by sharing tips, and inspiring you to get more from your money, so you can get more of what you want.”

personal finance Instagram accounts in the US

Imperfect Finance

Imperfect Finance is a place where twenty-somethings can go to learn about personal finance in a fun, motivating, and relatable way. Here, you’ll learn about what it takes to become debt-free, and what you can do to start building wealth today!”

literally broke blog

Literally Broke Blog

Literally Broke is a personal finance platform for artists and creatives. We talk about saving, budgeting, career advice, student loans, and more!”

money with syl

Money With Syl

“When I first started learning about personal finance, it was difficult to find Canadian-centric content I could relate to. That’s why I share content for Canadian millennial women who want to build wealth at @moneywithsyl. I encourage women to learn about personal finance by providing a judgment-free environment and easy to understand, actionable information with my content.”

two sides of a dime

Two Sides Of A Dime

“My name is Eduek, and I run Two Sides Of A Dime. I paid off 47K of debt in 20 months by being intentional with my finances and now I’m inspiring women around the world to ditch debt and win with money! 💜💜💜”

investing latina money blogger

Investing Latina

“Jully-Alma Taveras is the founder of Investing Latina, an online community of over 30k financially powerful women. She is a writer, producer, and speaker and you can find her on YouTube where she creates videos to educate women about personal finances, investing, and entrepreneurship. Her channel is Award-Nominated by The Plutus Foundation for financial media in categories of investing, video producing, and current events. “Keep investing and keep laughing.. life is good!”

babe on a budget blog

Babe On A Budget Blog

“My name is Kendall, I’m 33 years old, and I’m currently residing in Austin, TX. After struggling with my own student debt, I started Babe on a Budget Blog in May of 2019 as a way to keep myself accountable and to show women that financial freedom is possible. While my page focuses primarily on student loans, you’ll also find tips on saving money, budgeting, and investing.”

millennial money honey

Millennial Money Honey

“I’m Catie, I’m a single woman on an adventure to retire early by 35! Millennial Money Honey is where I share my journey and the things I learn about financial independence. Like saving hacks, how to negotiate, and investment strategies. Because I believe everyone should be working towards financial freedom!”

personal finance Instagram accounts in the US

Delyanne The Money Coach

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial independence. Investing in the stock market is the most powerful way to make that happen! On my Instagram, I teach new investors how to achieve this as a long-term investor by approaching the stock market as a garden instead of a slot machine.”

personal finance blogger


“I’m Connie Conpoint, a writer who overshares about my whole life. My IG is actually my personal account that morphed into a pseudo finance page last year when I thought, “Hey, I’m kinda over this whole work thing.” Since then, I’ve been documenting my money journey and path to financial independence and hopefully early retirement (the goal is my late 30s). I love the FI/RE community but don’t worry—I still write about all the other good stuff that makes life colorful. Such as my mental health, my complex relationship with work, career & negotiation tips, and of course, my love life. 😉 Oh and I’m always on my silly bullshit in my Stories. Come on by. Bring cake.”

savvy guides personal finance

Savvy Guides

Savvy Guides is a platform that’s redefining what it means to live intentionally! By focusing on 4 Key Pillars: Health, Mindset, Relationships, and Money-Mindfulness, I help you save time, energy, and money so you can finally start LIVING!”

personal finance Instagram accounts in the US

Financially Brave

“Alexis Howard teaches people how they can manage their income in a way that allows them to build five-figure savings, eliminate debt, and build wealth through the stock market.”


Thanks for reading through this list of our favourite personal finance Instagram accounts in the US & CA. If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post, then why not check out our list of favourite financial podcasts or our list of favourite financial books?

Have we missed any amazing personal finance Instagram accounts in the US & CA? Drop us a message on Instagram, or Twitter. We love hearing from people who are really opening up the conversation around money!

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