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The Best Books About Investing According To Finance Experts

Looking to brush up on your investing knowledge? We asked four finance experts to name their favourite books about investing. Each of these books will help you learn a great deal about finance and investing, and will provide crucial insights for anyone looking to up their game!

Written by some of the most respected investors in the world, there’s no doubt that reading these books will help you invest your money more wisely. 

1. A Random Walk Down Wall Street Burton G Malkiel

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

In this best-selling guide, you’ll learn about the core concepts of investing. The author discusses the history, theories, and advice surrounding investments. Covering key areas like stocks, bonds, real estate, homeownership, as well as more tangible assets like gold and collectibles. 

You’ll be introduced to all the different investment terms and what they mean. As well as investment strategies and market predictions.

The author effectively presents these concepts in a way that is clear for the reader, however complex the topic may be. It’s for this reason that A Random Walk Down Wall Street is considered one of the best books to buy before you begin your investing journey. 

This book was recommended by Finance Josh; one of our favorite finance experts on Instagram. Josh has recently published his own book on investing. Click here to read Index Investing: The Easy Way To Invest.

2. Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl & Why You Should Too: LouAnn Lofton

Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl

The investing world is heavily dominated by men, but did you know that various studies have shown that women actually outperform men on returns?

Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl provides great insights into the benefits of investing like a girl. The book is less about sharing investing advice… Instead, it focuses more on the impact your personality and temperament have on your investment style. 

At the end of the book, there are also some super interesting interviews with top female fund managers. These are a great and motivating read, especially if you’re a young female investor. 

This book was recommended by Fempire Finance. Follow Fempire Finance for personal finance education without the jargon, or check out their guest post on the Emma blog – Six Ways You Can Take Control Of Your Money Right Now.

3. Meaningful Money Handbook:  Pete Matthew 

The Meaningful Money Handbook

If you’re a fan of financial podcasts then you might already be aware of this author. Pete Matthew is a Certified Financial Planner and is the host of the Meaningful Money Podcast. 

In his book Meaningful Money Handbook, he covers more than just investing.  He covers a whole range of personal finance topics and offers tonnes of practical tips for improving all areas of your financial life. 

In the last section of his book, he talks about investing simply and efficiently.  Despite covering a lot of terminologies, Pete is able to explain everything in a clear and jargon-free way. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting up, this book will offer actionable tips that’ll help you achieve financial freedom. 

This book was recommended by Millennial Money UK. As well as investing, Millennial Money UK are also experts in the house buying process. See what they had to say about various house buying schemes in the UK.

4. The Intelligent Investor:  Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor book

The author behind The Intelligent Investor is Benjamin Graham. Benjamin was an influential investor and American economist.

Despite being published in 1949, this book still comes with extremely high regard. It’s even been hailed by many experts as one of the best investment books ever written. 

His book covers concepts like behavioral economics, market analysis, and position trading. It also teaches you about minimizing loss, maximizing sustainable growth, and the behaviors that aid or hinder your investment potential. If you’re a more experienced investor then this book is for you. 

5. Investing To Save The Planet: Alice Ross 

Investing To Save The Planet

Responsible investing is big news, and Alice Ross knows it. Once considered a niche area of investing, conscious investing is finally getting the attention it deserves. 

Investing To Save The Planet is a detailed, action led guide on how to invest while saving the planet. It shows us how responsible investing can help raise huge amounts of money for companies that care about the future of our planet. It also delves into the benefits of supporting those who are actively fighting climate change. 

The book looks into the different sectors leading the green revolution. Delves into “greenwashing”. And, shows you lots of ways to maximize your economic power. If you want to invest while creating a better future for the planet then this book is for you! 

6. Clever Girl Finance: Learning How Investing Works, Grow Your Money: Bola Sokunbi

Clever Girl Finance Book

Clever Girl Finance is a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have a huge following on Instagram, they also have a super successful blog, podcast, newsletter, and various personal finance courses. 

Learn How Investing Works, Grow Money is the second book from Clever Girl Finance. (The first is named Ditch Debt, Save Money & Build Real Wealth!) 

In this book, you’ll learn the basics of investing. Like how investing works. How to build long-term wealth. And how to become a successful investor. If you’re a woman looking for actionable tips on building wealth through investing then this book was written for you. 

7. The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing: John Bogle

Books about investing

John Bogle is the founder of Vanguard; one of the largest investment companies in the world. The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing is just one of many books written by John Bogle. Others include “Enough: True Measure of Money, Business, and Life” and “Common Sense on Mutual Funds”. 

Filled with lots of practical advice and in-depth insights, this book will change the way you think about investing.

It champions simple investing principles, based on strategies that value common sense over everything else. Passive investing is the focus of this book, and once you’ve finished reading you might find yourself reconsidering the need for a stockbroker. 

This book was recommended by Making Money Simple. Catch our interview with Making Money Simple, find them on Instagram, or get their free e-book here.


The knowledge gained from these books will no doubt help with your long term investment success. If you’re thinking about investing in one of these books, head to the Emma app and visit our cashback section. From here you’ll have access to great discounts at book retailers like Waterstones, or Audible. 

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