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What’s Your Money Personality?

At Emma, we believe now more than ever in the importance of getting a handle on your finances. But, we appreciate that money management isn’t an area that brings joy to everyone. 

Everything from your upbringing, to your social circles, can impact the relationship you have with money. So, without going all Myers Briggs on you, we’ve decided to outline three money personalities.

We’re not saying a particular money personality is better than the other. We’re simply highlighting which traits may influence how you manage your money. We’re also pretty confident that whatever your money personality, our money management app will have a feature that can help you! 

Let’s see if you can relate to any of the personalities below:

1) The Saver

If you open your bank accounts more often than you open your fridge, then you definitely have the money personality of a Saver. You’re smart with your money and you take pride in being extra organised. The only problem? Keeping track of all your bank accounts, income streams and investments takes time. 

With Emma we take away the hassle, combining your accounts into one easy app. Have accounts with more than one bank? No problem. Want to see how much money you have in your Paypal account? Also no problem.

Our “Accounts” tab combines these together, giving you one nice view of your total bank balance. We also give you the option to add any savings, investment, or loans to the app, giving you a crystal clear picture of your current financial situation. 

Once you’ve added your details, we’ll even analyze all your spending, suggest ways to save money on your bills, and treat you to £100s worth of deals.

2) The Spender

Do you often find yourself wondering where the hell all your money has gone? Can you be heard saying “Yolo” and “Treat Yourself”?

If so then you probably sit under The Spender personality. Your generosity and your live in the moment mentality might not be the best thing for your bank balance… but that’s just who you are. 

With Emma, you can practice a small amount of money discipline by setting up our budgeting feature. Download the app, and click through to the “Analytics” tab where you can set individual monthly budgets by category. We have over 15 different categories to choose from, including shopping, groceries, entertainment, and eating out. 

Throughout the month we’ll (kindly) remind you how much you’re spending in each category, letting you know if you’re likely to go over budget, or not. 

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3) The Avoider

If you can’t remember the last time you checked your bank account, your money personality is probably an Avoider. You may want to change your financial habits, but you’re letting a small amount of fear stop you. 

The Emma app is the perfect introduction to your finances. Add your account info to our app, and each morning we’ll let you know how you’re doing for money. Our fun weekly insights will tell you how much you’ve spent and where. And, if you’re lucky we may even throw in a compliment, or two. 

The Emma app also has a great live chat, as well as links to our brilliant community of money savers. (All of whom are more than happy to help with any money-related questions you have). So, even if you’re an Avoider we’re confident that you and your finances will be BFFs in no time!  

Which money personality best describes you? Let us know by starting a new convo on the community, or dropping us a message on Instagram.